Sugar Glider Rescued After Flying Into Shocked Man's Bedroom

A London resident got the shock of his life, when he was greeted by a mysterious creature at 5am. John Zou was sleeping when he heard the noise of something scampering around his bedroom. When John got up to inspect the noise, he was greeted by a tiny gliding possum. Not knowing what the animal was, John sent pictures to his friends who helped him identify the critter. It is thought the possum flew into the flat when a window was left open. John shut the little possum in one of his rooms to keep him safe and contacted the RSPCA for help. He let the sugar glider explore his room and spent some time with him, as well as feeding him some sugary fruit. An RSPCA inspector collected the little glider from John's home on Tuesday (11 January). Sugar gliders are small, nocturnal gliding possums, native to Australia, New Guinea and parts of Indonesia. Their name refers to their love of sugary foods and their ability to glide from tree to tree. This glider has been moved to a specialist keeper in Cambridgeshire with experience of keeping these animals

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