Sugababes: There is no bad blood between us and previous members

The Sugababes are looking to the future credit:Bang Showbiz
The Sugababes are looking to the future credit:Bang Showbiz

The current line-up of the Sugababes has insisted that there is "no bad blood" between themselves and previous members.

The 2000s pop group - which currently comprises founding members Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan, and Siobhán Donaghy but previously featured Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah, and Jade Ewen at various points over the years - officially reunited under their original name in June 2022 following a legal trademark battle and are set to tour the UK in October 2022 for the first time in almost a decade.

Keisha said: "Destiny's Child had as many line-up changes as we had but obviously Beyoncé and Kelly were always there. But in terms of what actually happened, everyone had their reasons. But if you can't look back and laugh. We don't have bad blood with previous members. Our focus is on moving forward, being creative, and that we won the right to our name back. Being back is about being underdogs and fighting the system. Not allowing us to use the name we came up with. This is about showing people if you're passionate about something - then continue!"

The 'Push the Button' hitmakers - whose record of six number one singles as a girl group during their heyday was a feat bettered only by fellow Brits the Spice Girls - took to the stage at the Mighty Hoopla festival in London back in June and Mutya spoke of her surprise that they were recognised by current music stars such as Stormzy and Jorja Smith.

During the joint interview, she told Metro newspaper's Weekend magazine: "We could see everyone smiling but it was only when we watched the video back we realised it was a sea of people, almost like a rave! Just them knowing the songs. I don't know why I was surprised but it was really exciting. We met Jorja Smith and she was like, "Oh, I love the Sugababes", and she's in her early twenties, so it's not just the people from before. I met Stormzy and he was like, 'Oh! Sugababes!'"

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