Sue Barker says she will miss Wimbledon 'terribly'

Presenter Sue Barker has opened up about stepping down from hosting the BBC's coverage of Wimbledon, saying it felt like 'the right time' to step down from covering the tennis tournament.

Video transcript

LORRAINE KELLY: One of the best moments, would it be Andy Murray when-- because I'll never forget that.

SUE BARKER: Oh, I will never forget that.

LORRAINE KELLY: I mean, I was-- obviously, it would be great to be there, but watching it on the telly, I mean, I think that particularly the whole of Scotland went bananas.

SUE BARKER: Everyone went bananas.

LORRAINE KELLY: But it was lovely. It was so nice. And that's the only time you sort of went off piece a little bit.

SUE BARKER: I did. I got in awful trouble with Wimbledon. Because Wimbledon had asked me, in the early 2000's, to do on court interviews and to read out, you know? And I have a little script where I have to say the winner of--


SUE BARKER: Yes, very Wimbledon. The winner of the gentleman's singles trophy, for whatever year it is, is so-and-so.

And I suddenly-- I looked over at Andy and he was crying, and I thought-- and I could hear on Murray Mount, the crowd were going mad. There was such a buzz around center court. I said, I can't just read this. So I said, we've waited 77 years for this! I just felt it needed something.


SUE BARKER: And the crowd went nuts. Andy was in floods again. No, that was the highlight for all of us.

He was amazing. The pressure he was under.

LORRAINE KELLY: I don't know how he--

SUE BARKER: --was-- I don't know how he did it.