‘Suddenly the opportunity presents itself and you grab it’: Jirasak Panpiansin’s best phone picture

It may be the smaller of Bangkok’s two international airports, but hundreds of people can sometimes be found waiting in line for taxis outside Don Mueang. Unlike the black cabs on London’s streets, or New York’s distinctive yellow ones, Thai taxis come in a whole range of colours. “Here we have green and yellow, pink, orange, light yellow, light green, light blue,” Jirasak Panpiansin says.

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On the evening this shot was taken, in the early spring of 2022, he was waiting for a flight back to his home town in north-east Thailand. “I was struck by this one pink taxi among the others, and the driver taking a drink.”

Panpiansin isn’t a professional photographer and shoots purely for the enjoyment of it. “Our phones come everywhere with us. You might take it out of your bag to check your messages, not intending to take a photo, but suddenly the opportunity presents itself and you can grab it,” he says. “I think that’s so much fun!”