Succession star Alexander Skarsgård on Lukas and Shiv’s relationship

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As the hugely popular show Succession makes its way into its final episodes, Alexander Skarsgård, who plays tech giant Lukas Matsson, has opened up about his character's relationship with Sarah Snook's Shiv.

ICYMI, Lukas is currently trying to purchase the fictional conglomerate, Waystar Royco, which has seen him clash with the current CEOs, Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin), the sons of Brian Cox's character, Logan, who died during the earlier episodes.

While the conflict rises in terms of business, Lukas' personal life looks to be more fruitful, due to his developing relationship with the pair's sister, Shiv.

However, in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Alexander has opened up about the budding relations, revealing that all is not actually as it seems.

"He’s one hundred percent using her. It’s a wedge in between the siblings," the 46-year-old said.

"He sees an opening. He’s a predator. He sees that he needs to get at least one of them on board."

The Succession star then went on to divulge Lukas' personality traits, adding that "he can read people," and that he was instantly aware of the "friction" between the Waystar Royco siblings.

"Roman is out, but he smells blood in the water, this friction between the siblings. He smells the opening. He does move fast and break things, but he can read people. He sees that in Shiv, and he goes after that. It’s worked. She’s let him in," he said.

In terms of Lukas and Shiv, Alexander has revealed that it's still early days.

"He’s still feeling the waters and testing her out," he said, before adding: "Is she also a charlatan? Is she just like her siblings, a little Nepo Baby, or does she have what it takes? That’s what he’s trying to figure out."

The 28th of May will see the season finale, so there's still time for viewers to find out exactly what happens between the two.

However, due to series four being Succession's final one, here's hoping there's no cliffhanger that leaves us all with our heads in hands for the foreseeable...

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