Succession releases full season 4 trailer

Logan Roy is as menacing as ever in the first full trailer for Succession season four.

Video transcript


- Why does everyone ask how I'm feeling? I got done a huge deal. I got the election. I got ATN. I got plenty on my plate.

- He's on the floor, Tom.

- Explain to me what he's doing.

- He's moseying, terrifyingly moseying. It's like if Santa Claus was a hit man.

- We were cut out behind our backs, but there's a shape for things for us. We partner up-- with Sandy and Stewy, with Pierce. Death-wrestling ogres.

- Excited to get into this knife fight?

- Let's blow it up.

- Yeah, I'm not authorized to let you take off.

- It's Dad. You know, in Buddhism, sometimes your greatest tormentor can also be your most perceptive teacher.

- Hey, Buddha, nice Tom Fords.

- There's a Night of the Long Knives coming. I need a fire breather. Your help with Matsson.

- You really want me?

- I need you.

- Mr. Mencken, my most unworthy opponent.

- Still clinging to your slice of pie?

- What are you at now?

- 1%

- The fear is it could get squeezed.

- Squeezed down? From one? Because that's the lowest number.

- I love you, but you are not serious people.

- I have it on good authority there is a kill list.

- Ken, is your head on straight?

- We've been schooled by a barbarian that goes by the name Logan Roy.

- I mean, he's out of control.


- You want to clear the air? You're a snake.

- You have hurt me more than you can possibly imagine.

- I have some concerns about your old man.

- I will sue, and I will go public.

- You point your finger at me. I point my finger at you.

- We are going to grind you down, man. We are sand in the gears. I hate you. Do you understand that?

- Loud and clear.

- Good. Done.

- I'm going to build something bigger, faster, wilder. I want to kill the opposition, cut their throats! We are pirates!