Subway Made a Restaurant on a Blimp — Here’s How to Get a Sandwich in the Sky

On Tuesday, the sandwich chain revealed their 'flying footlong': a new dining experience on a blimp

Subway is taking their sandwiches to new heights — literally.

On Tuesday, the chain revealed “Subway in the Sky”: a new dining experience on a blimp.

The sub-inspired aircraft is a supersized version of the chain’s footlong sandwiches. The 180-foot-long blimp has a restaurant underneath it with room for six guests to enjoy sandwiches.

The "flying footlong," as they're calling it, will take to the sky on Sept. 1 and stop in several cities across the country, picking up sandwich-lovers along the way. The aircraft will take off in Kansas City (Sept. 5-7), Atlanta (Sept 13-14), Orlando (Sept. 19-20) and Miami (Sept. 24 and 26). Up to 40 fans per day can take a ride 1,000 feet in the sky.

Fans can reserve their spots on the blimp at starting on Sept. 2.

<p>Courtesy of Subway</p> Subway's Sandwich Blimp Resembling a Sub Sandwich

Courtesy of Subway

Subway's Sandwich Blimp Resembling a Sub Sandwich

Guests will enjoy the four Deli Heroes sandwiches, a sandwich line introduced in July and meant to show-off the chain’s new freshly-sliced meat, aboard the blimp.

The blimp is meant to look like the beast sandwich, which packs half a pound of meat. This sub features pepperoni, salami, turkey, ham, roast beef, double provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, mayonnaise and Subway’s MVP vinaigrette. The garlic roast beef sub is another Deli Heroes sub and includes roast beef, double provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and roasted garlic aioli on Italian bread (as are the three other Deli Heroes).

Two of the sandwiches, the titan turkey and grand slam ham, have 33% more meat than traditional Subway subs. The former contains turkey, double provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and mayonnaise; while the latter combines all the same ingredients, just with ham instead of turkey.

Related: Subway Is Phasing Out Pre-Sliced Deli Meat

The sandwich spot confirmed to PEOPLE about the plan to do away with the pre-sliced meats in February. At the time, a Subway spokesperson told PEOPLE that their goal was to "have freshly sliced meats in all U.S. restaurants by summer 2023."

Throughout the summer, the company installed deli meat slicers in 20,000 locations, costing the brand a whopping $80 million. (The meats were previously delivered and served pre-sliced.) The automatic machines were "gifted" to franchised restaurants in the U.S., according to NBC News.

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