'Suburbicon' First Trailer: Madness Moves In on Mild-Mannered Matt Damon, Julianne Moore

George Clooney’s relationship with Joel and Ethan Coen dates back to 2000’s O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and after co-starring in the filmmaking duo’s 2016 period-piece comedy Hail, Caesar!, he’ll again be reteaming with them, directing a script they originally cowrote for this October’s Suburbicon. Clooney won’t be in front of the cameras for this crime dramedy, but he has enlisted a host of A-listers, two of whom are also esteemed alums of Coen brothers films. And now, we have the fall film’s first tantalizing trailer (watch it above).

In Suburbicon, Matt Damon plays a mild-mannered 1950s father and husband whose average domestic life in a picture-perfect suburb is ripped to shreds after home invaders murder his wife. After his son’s aunt (Julianne Moore) comes to stay with him, his life quickly spirals into a nightmare of mobster threats and brutal murder. As we see in the above trailer, the ensuing chaos is of a distinctly absurdist — if still bleak — variety, which makes the film seem like a spiritual cousin of the Coens’ Fargo and, in particular, The Man Who Wasn’t There, even if the big baddie who eventually arrives (Oscar Isaac) is the star of the siblings’ folk-music gem Inside Llewyn Davis.

Veering crazily from mild-mannered tranquility to fiery rioting madness, the first trailer for Suburbicon — which also reportedly features Hail, Caesar!’s Josh Brolin — indicates that Clooney will be delivering some fatalistic fun for the fall movie season. Suburbicon arrives in theaters on Oct. 27.

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