Five ways to bring back work-life balance

Many people are still working from home nearly two years on from the start of the Covid-19 lockdowns.

But while there are definitely benefits to having a home office, such as more time with family and no commute, it is also easy for the boundary between home and work to dissipate - potentially leading to overworking and burnout.

To combat this issue, coach and speaker Gifty Enright ( has shared her top tips for dialling down the work worries and learning to reset.

Change spaces

Be sure to take regular breaks away from your desk.

"Now that lots of people are working from home, the danger is because they are in the same location, they just continue working and before they know it is 7.00pm," she said. "It is important to physically change locations even if it is leaving the desk to go to the kitchen."

Spark joy

Break up the day by incorporating time dedicated to fun.

"Playing with the kids and rolling around on the floor after a hard day's work will get you to switch off from work and also help deepen your connection with your children," the Octopus on a Treadmill author explained. "This helps to fill a psychological need on both sides."

Take up a hobby

Quiet activities can really help you to switch off.

"Hobbies and leisure activities like gardening, painting, knitting or reading a novel take you to a completely different place in your head which is not contaminated with work stress. Hobbies relax you and can also give you a level of mastery that puts you back in control of your life," the expert continued.

Call a friend

Call a friend for a good chat and a laugh.

"A text message will not do here. You need to have a proper chat - and if it can be face-to-face - all the better," said Gifty.


Listening to music with a great beat or beautiful rhythm is one of the quickest ways to change your emotional state.

"Dancing to music combines the effect of the music on the benefit of physical activity and, before you know it, you are releasing endorphins and work will be the last thing on your mind. Have a playlist at the ready for when you want to bust a move to leave work stress behind," she added.