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For a red carpet friendly look with a bit more oomph, simply dry in a handful of mousse, finger-mould with a dollop of wax and secure with a spritz of firm hold hairspray. You can also use straighteners to gently curl the front section back from the face.

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Style Shortcuts: Why It’s Time To Cut Your Hair

Everyone should go short at least once in their lives. And I don’t mean a delicately tousled, collar-skimming ‘wob’. I mean a proper, break-out-the-clippers crop. 

I know - it’s not as simple as it sounds. It’s not ‘just hair’. It’s a security blanket. An unerring weapon of mass seduction. Your go-to executive stress toy. Not to mention a vastly underrated neck-warmer.

Before going for the chop, I wasted actual years of my life detangling my own bum-tickling locks. I had literal nightmares about being marched into a salon and forcibly trimmed down to size. But, following a brief dalliance with the lob and a passionate love affair with a pixie, I’m now *gasp* a fully paid-up member of the undercut club. And all without a single tear shed.

Why should you follow suit?