Style Hunter Hits the Zara Party in New York!

NYC + Zara + fashion scenesters = one very likely Style Hunting hot-spot! Spanish super-brand Zara whisked press and a selection of special contacts all the way to New York’s shopping central – Fifth Avenue - to celebrate the grand opening of their massively glamorous global flagship store. We were mesmirised by the incredible in-store architecture and exclusive pieces on display, but you know us, we were checking out the chock-full rails of brand spanking new treats just as much as we were scoping out the fashion talent....

You’ve already seen Grazia girls Hannah Almassi and Lily Russo share their outfits for the evening, but what of the rest of the crowd? Naturally, there was plenty of Zara trophy pieces on show – especially their sharp suiting, and, as party guests had the pleasure of a preview buying experience that evening before the public launch, many additions were made to outfits throughout the night – mixed in with designer finds and a good dose of thrift-store purchases. Style Hunter ditched the champers and weaved through the thronging crowds at the 666 Fifth Av. flagship store to hunt some party outfits down instead. Dedication, eh? Scroll through our gallery to see the results and tell us who YOUR best-dressed attendee is.

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