Stunning new photos show Europe's first underwater restaurant becoming one with nature

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Timon Koch/Snøhetta/Cover Images

New photos shows how Europe's first-ever underwater restaurant, Under, is becoming one with life beneath the waves off the south coast of Norway.

Three years after completion, architecture firm Snøhetta's watery passion project has fully integrated into its setting.

The restaurant was designed to fully integrate into its marine environment over time, as the roughness of the submerged concrete shell was aimed to function as an artificial reef, welcoming limpets and kelp to inhabit it and supporting the rich biodiversity of the surrounding area. So much so that sea life now looks like they are perusing the menu - even though they may end up on it! Nature has now entirely inhabited the outside of the building.

Under, Europe's first underwater restaurant, was developed in close collaboration with the owners and marine biologists, resulting in a building where the chef can harvest dinner from the roof. After the initial building process, stones have also been added to the site's seabed. This supports an even better breeding ground for adhering organisms, providing food and shelter for many other species.

Mussels have become an important part of the menu in the restaurant, and the kitchen continues its meticulous focus on using every ingredient possible, including items not normally used for food.

As well as creating unique experiences for the visitors, Under was designed to give people greater insight into life in the sea. Situated in Lindesnes, where the less salty water from the Baltic Sea meets the very salty Atlantic Ocean, the location is ideal in a marine biological context. This diverse ocean creates an accumulation of both the species that thrive best in partly brackish water and those that thrive best in the salty sea, creating a peak of species diversity.

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