Stunning Secret Beaches Worth Finding

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Secret beach, Formentera

You can only reach this tiny Balearic island via a 30-minute Trasmapi ferry ride from Ibiza Old Town, so it’s already off-the-beaten track. Its crowning glory are its beaches, which look like they’ve been transplanted from the Caribbean (seriously).

Illetes, with its crescents of white sand and tropical lagoon-style sea, is the most famous (and packed with day trippers from Ibiza), but I was lucky enough to be given a tip-off about a secret cove by Gecko Beach Club's charming waiter/tour guide Otávio: cycle down the Road of the Dead, ditch your bike when you reach a sandy path, walk until you reach steps carved into rock, descend these to reach one of the world’s best beaches boasting pristine soft sand and a shallow bay that's like your personal saltwater swimming pool; if you’re lucky you’ll have it to yourselves like I did. Good luck!

Fleming Villa beach, GoldenEye, Jamaica

It's a nine-hour flight to Montego Bay from London and Orcabessa, where GoldenEye lies, is a further 90-minute coastal drive away, but believe me it's worth the trek.

The 18-acre estate is dotted with beautiful beach and lagoon villas, but it's Fleming Villa, where the scribe typed his famous Bond novels (his desk still remains in the corner of the master bedroom), that's got the wow factor, particularly its private beach: a crescent of soft golden sand that slopes gently into bath-warm water which is so clear, you don't need a snorkel.

The likes of Richard Branson and Naomi Campbell have sipped a pina colada here, but don't let that put you off, I didn't find it remotely pretentious as the staff are uber friendly and the furnishings and food refreshingly Caribbean.

The sexy private bar with giant screen is dreamy place to cuddle up on the squishy sofas and watch Bond DVDs late evening or why not go skinny dipping a midnight? (the beach is private FGS!). 00heaven!

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Tikehau, French Polynesia

From London, it takes around 24 hours to reach Tahiti's capital Papeete, from there it's another journey on a tiny plane to reach Tikehau, which lies in the Tuamotu chain north east of Bora Bora and Moorea. Yep, it's remote. It's also home to the best beaches I've ever walked on.

There's only one place to stay, Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, and through them I arranged a lagoon boat tour, which included stepping ashore at uninhabited Bird Island and anchoring at a tiny unnamed motu. While the captain and a chef waded ashore and busied themselves, I snorkelled above rays and walked to the very edge of the lagoon to watch huge breakers crash against the reef.

When I returned to the boat my jaw hit the beach as I discovered a table set up on the edge of the most dazzling stretch of sand ever  - it was strewn with flowers, there was bubbly on ice and perfectly grilled jumbo prawns the size of my hand ready to eat.

Best of all, there was no washing up as fish nibbled the plates and cutlery clean!

Steephill Cove, Isle of Wight

I discovered Steephill by accident while exploring a stunning stretch of coastpath (the IoW has more than 500 miles of snaking trails to explore) from Ventnor, via meadows filled with native wild flowers and sparkling rock pools.

When I reached the cove (it took around 25 minutes), I was enchanted by the step-back-in-time feel; stacks of faded lobster pots, striped deck chairs and gentle curve of beach that reminded me of childhood holidays.

Treat yourself to a mouth-watering seafood lunch and glass of crisp white wine at the Boathouse, a faded wooden-fronted restaurant that looks like something from New England (they also offer self-catering accommodation) or try a crab pasty at the rustic Crab Shed.

Before heading back to Ventnor, climb the hill behind the cove to check out the beautiful Botanic Gardens.