Student fulfils bucket list dream of reading the weather

22-year-old terminal cancer patient Laura Nuttall fulfilled her dream of reading the weather on BBC North West.

She visited the BBC's studios in Salford and, with a little help from weather presenter Owain Wyn Evans, presented her first forecast.

Credit: @BBCNWT Via Twitter

Video transcript

- Yeah.


You just want it to blend naturally.

OWAIN WYN EVANS: Here we are in the "North West Tonight" studio.


OWAIN WYN EVANS: And look, I've got a bit of a surprise for you.

LAURA NUTTALL: [LAUGHS] Oh, that's amazing.


- For everyone at home, here's the weather forecast with Laura Nuttall.

LAURA NUTTALL: Hi. Let's have a look at the pressure chart for today. As you can see, we have an area of high pressure moving towards the--

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