Student desperate to find plane stranger sends internet into love meltdown

The student met the man on a 10-hour flight between Frankfurt and Seattle. [Photo: Getty]
The student met the man on a 10-hour flight between Frankfurt and Seattle. [Photo: Getty]

21-year-old Jomaica Alfiler has left the internet feeling warm and fuzzy after revealing details of her mile-high love story.

She was travelling from Frankfurt to Seattle when she met a “lovely gentleman” who was sat next to her on the 10-hour Lufthansa flight. She was sat in window seat 43A on flight LH490 when he sat next to her in seat 43B.

The young woman described him as “A good looking young man. He was clean cut, had dark hair and was around 5’8 or 5’9.”

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She went on to say: “I also purposely didn’t use my headphones while I was watching a movie and just turned on the subtitles in the hope he would talk to me, but he didn’t. Maybe he was shy, too.”

After she got off the flight, they parted ways but in her heartfelt message to Lufthansa she said “I haven’t stopped thinking about him”, which sent social media into love meltdown and prompted her message to be shared across the internet.

Because of data protection laws, Lufthansa were unable to help her on her quest, so she took to Facebook to hunt him down.

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It seems that this aeroplane love story is not the first of its kind. One man posted: “Been there, seize the moment. It should be a lesson learned.”

Others weren’t so lovestruck about the situation, though. One woman wrote: “What if the guy is committed to someone else that’s why he just talked for 10 hrs during your flight and didn’t bother to exchange numbers.”

She’s yet to locate her mystery man, but hope she won’t be sleepless in Seattle for too much longer!