Strongbow Rosé Is Here And The Internet Is Getting Riled Up For Festival Season

Bobbie Edsor
Photo credit: Strongbow

From Delish

Strongbow, the cider brand as British as PG Tips and custard creams, just released a new rosé cider - and the internet is getting VERY excited over it.

That's right. The new pink cider is made from red apples for a sweeter flavour, according to Strongbow – and gets its pretty-in-pink colour from carrot concentrate. Delicious AND pretty. Brains AND beauty.

The new drink has an ABV of 4% - the same as Strongbow's other flavours - unlike rosé wine, with an ABV of 12%, which is great for evenings, not so great for an all-day drinking sesh…

Strongbow, or "Strongy B" to its nearest and dearest, is a British summertime staple. If you've never sipped on a lukewarm can of the good stuff outside your tent at a music festival before, you've never lived, my friend.

And now you can take your admittedly substandard cider experience to the next level with this super boujee rosé Strongbow! Wahey. The people of Twitter are already losing their minds about sipping on a cheeky rosé cider outside their tents this coming festival season.

Rosé and all things with a pinkish tint are having a moment right now. KitKat came out with a rose gold version of the bar with a pink wafer inside, while Galaxy has released some super-boujee rose gold chocolate eggs. What WON'T they make a rose gold version of?

Either way, we don’t care, because our Instagram account’s aesthetic has never looked so good.

You can currently pick the cider up in Asda and Morrisons, but it's also expected to hit the shelves of Tesco and Sainsbury's in April - just in time for some sunny weather (fingers crossed) and drinks in the garden. Oh, how we can't wait.

The cider has an RRP of £1.50 for a 500ml bottle, for packs of four, it'll cost you £5.25, and 10 for £12 - but Asda is currently selling bottles for £1, and it's £4.50 for four cans, or 10 cans for £9. Kerching.

This isn't the first rosé cider to hit the UK recently, mind you. Kopparberg launched its own rosé option last summer, while you can also grab yourself a little rosé Magners in a few pubs across the country. *Frantically Googles nearest pub*.

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