Strictly's Krishnan Guru-Murthy being "careful" on show

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Strictly star opens up on health conditionBBC

Strictly Come Dancing star Krishnan Guru-Murthy has opened up on having a genetic heart condition.

The journalist and presenter appeared on Good Morning Britain following the his Strictly debut alongside pro dancer Lauren Oakley. Speaking to host Richard Madeley, Guru-Murthy explained he needs to be "a little bit careful" when dancing and exercising.

"I've got a genetic heart condition, it's in the family," he shared.

"It just means I have got to be a little bit careful about getting into the red zone of your heart rate."

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"It doesn't mean I can't go to the gym, it doesn't mean I can't dance," he then added.

Madeley then asked Guru-Murthy if living with this condition means that his heart rate couldn't go beyond a certain level for too long.

"It's not that it can't, it is if it stays very high for 10 minutes then it would be…" the Strictly star said, to which Oakley replied: "None of our dances are 10 minutes long so that's lucky!"

lauren oakley, krishnan gurumurthy, strictly come dancing 2023

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Guru-Murthy also shared his reason for taking part in this year's Strictly, noting how the show provides some light-hearted fun in uncertain times.

"I suddenly realised this is kind of an opportunity just to have a real laugh and a lot of joy in life alongside all that," he said.

"And you'd be stupid to say no!"

Strictly Come Dancing returns for its launch special on September 16 on BBC One, while spin-off Strictly: It Takes Two airs on BBC Two. Both shows are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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