Strictly Star Amy Dowden Says She's Feeling 'Empowered And Positive' After Shaving Her Head

Amy at the NTAs earlier this month
Amy at the NTAs earlier this month

Amy at the NTAs earlier this month

Strictly Come Dancing professional Amy Dowden has assured fans she’s feeling optimistic and “proud” after shaving her head.

The Welsh performer is currently halfway through chemotherapy treatment after being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, and has been documenting the process on her Instagram page.

On Thursday, Amy shared a clip of herself having her hair shaved, in a post about “taking control” of her situation.

Describing the decision as the “hardest step so far”, the 33-year-old explained: “I know it’s only hair but these past few months I’ve had what feels like so much taken away from me that has made me not feel like Amy.

“I’m missing every possible aspect of dancing. I just wanted to keep my identity with my hair and I tried telling myself it wouldn’t go. But I would dread the pain of waking up to the shedding everyday.”

Amy during an appearance on Lorraine last year
Amy during an appearance on Lorraine last year

Amy during an appearance on Lorraine last year

She continued: “I’ve not been able to take control of this journey so far, but as you can see with some of my loved ones I took the courage and CONTROL.

“It’s going to take some time to get used to and learn to love and embrace but, I’m now focussing not on the hair I’m losing, but the hair I’m going to get back, and the happy dancing, tea lover who talks way to fast whilst rolling every ‘rrrrr’, who is still there inside with or without hair!”

“Since taking control, I feel I can now see the finish line,” Amy wrote. “This for me was a hurdle I couldn’t even bring myself to think or speak about. I’ve done it and I’ve also crossed the half way chemo line! I’m feeling empowered and positive!”

“I found my courage for this step and I’m proud,” she added.

In the accompanying clip, an emotional Amy is seen sitting in a chair at home, while her loved ones each cut off a section of her hair. The remainder is shaved off completely.

Amy’s Strictly colleagues were full of love in her Instagram comments, with Shirley Ballas writing: “My dearest Amy. I love you. We are all thinking of you beautiful lady.

“The beauty shines from within and I think you look absolutely beautiful. We all love you sooo very much. You are brave. You are strong. This too shall pass. Sending you the biggest hugs. See you on the dance floor real soon darling.”

Nikita Kuzmin agreed: “your smile has so much power in it. In such a hard moment you have so much strength, it’s so humbling and inspiring I can’t describe with words!

“Love you so much!!! And you look so so beautiful! Just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.”

Giovanni Pernice also sent a string of hearts, while Vito Coppola wrote: “You are the strongest of us and we are all by your side, now and forever. We love you and we cannot wait for you to come back to dance all together. We love you.”

Meanwhile, former pro Oti Mabuse also wrote: “My friend you are an absolute hero, so, so strong and STILL GORGEOUS! Totally rocking that short hair style like GI AMY.

“Love you so much and from the bottom of my heart sending you prayers and even more delighted that you’re surrounded by family and friends…. Love you”

“So much love and support for you darling, sending strength,” Johannes Radebe shared, while Carlos Gu added: “Seeing what you have been through make me devastated, but you strength and courage has not inspired only one but thousands of us. I adore you and love you, like u wrote “this too shall pass”, love you deeply.”

Nancy Xu also wrote: “My beautiful girl, you smile still lights up the room, the strongest and most powerful woman I know. I love you, and you know I’m here, we are here, waiting for you coming back and standing by your side.”

Amy with her Strictly colleagues at the NTAs
Amy with her Strictly colleagues at the NTAs

Amy with her Strictly colleagues at the NTAs

Amy has previously described her hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatment as “heartbreaking”, telling her followers: “I know this won’t last forever, but during this time, and knowing normally these few months are my favourite time of the year, and I feel myself wishing these months away just hurts so much.

“I know [and I am] telling myself the way you look hasn’t changed Amy who I am inside ([I] still have my chatty annoying spells, mad ideas, determination and want to help others). I’m still Amy!”

Because of her ongoing treatment, Amy was not able to compete on the upcoming series of Strictly, but previously vowed she’d be involved in the show in whatever way possible.

“I’ll be present in some way, even if I’m in a wig,” she insisted to The Mirror back in June. “I know amazing hair people with Strictly.

“Whether it’s on It Takes Two, or being up in Claudia’s area waiting for the scores, I’ll be there.”