Strictly Pro Dianne Buswell Shares Cute Update on Her Relationship with Joe Suggs

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Photo credit: Mark Cant
Photo credit: Mark Cant

It's new Women's Health issue day! And this month, Strictly pro and owner of the show’s most iconic hair, Dianne Buswell, is on the front cover.

Within the magazine interview - on sale Tuesday 23 November - Dianne gets candid about career struggles and big life goals - both professional (see: her own yoga studio) and personal.

That's right - if you've been wondering what's the latest with Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell, stay tuned. She also reveals how she really feels about needing to leave this series of Strictly in early October.

ICYMI, that was because 2021’s celeb partner, comedian Robert Webb, needing to pull out, owing to a long-term heart condition.

In a break on the technicolour shoot - where Dianne Buswell moved effortlessly and our photographer captured some seriously joyful and energised shots - we grabbed her to play a game of Fill in The Blanks.

She answers 12 questions - including revealing her worst habit and her worst thing about fame - in the video, which you can check out on the Women’s Health YouTube (and if you’re not subscribed yet, er, why?).

Dianne Buswell on Food and Fitness Must-Haves

But ‘My favourite way[s] to work out [are] dancing and yoga,' she reveals. No prizes for guessing the first.

'Dancing has been my life since I was four years old and I discovered yoga in my late twenties and I just absolutely love it,’ she reveals. ‘I feel like when I’m not dancing I just love to do yoga.’

As for how she fuels her fitness and busy life? While Dianne details what her plant-focused diet looks like in the magazine interview, she shares the one food she could happily eat ad infinitum.

‘If I could eat one food forever it would be rice paper rolls [AKA Vietnamese summer rolls]. A bit of a random choice: you have rice paper, you put whatever you want in it,’ she enthuses.

‘I like to put tofu and lettuce, rice noodles and it’s all about the dipping sauce - a lovely peanut dipping sauce that goes very well with a Vietnamese roll. It’s one of my favourite dishes and I could eat that for a long period of time.’

Nothing is off limits in Dianne’s diet; home-baked cake and popcorn with a movie are two of her favourite treats.

She’s so into her healthy eating that she believes if she hadn’t achieved her dream of becoming a top professional dancer she might have ended up working within the field.

Nutrition is something that I recently fell in love with,’ Dianne Buswell tells WH. ‘I am actually doing a nutrition course at the moment, so I am fulfilling that dream a little bit.’

Truly a woman of many talents (turns out she’s a trained hairdresser, too).

Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell: Where Their Relationship is at Now

Dianne’s home life if something that her hordes of adoring fans are let into, via her and partner Joe’s YouTube channels. And Dianne counts her boyfriend as one of most ardent champions.

‘My biggest fan is Joe…because he loves me, so he’s a big fan! I’m a big fan of him as well,’ she laughs.

Back in February, the pair bought their first home together and, in further evidence that their relationship is going from strength to strength, she told WH that she'd love to have children with him.

'Joe is the most supportive person… I'd love to have a family one day, and I know Joe would love a family too. That would be our dream one day.'

The other important man in her life – and the other no.1 member of the Dianne Buswell fan club – is her dad.

‘He loves everything I do and I still think I’m my dad’s little girl,’ she smiles. ‘I swear he still thinks I’m five, which I’m very much okay with!'

'We have a very loving relationship me and my dad, he’s super proud of me.’ Cute!

What Dianne Buswell Would Tell her Younger Self

During our shoot day, the much-loved YouTube star lived up to her role model reputation - offering sound, encouraging advice.

‘The one thing I would tell my 18-year-old self would be don’t be afraid to ask questions,’ she reveals. ‘

There have been so many times I’ve thought a question was too silly to ask…but no question is stupid; if you want to ask a question, raise your hand, ask the question, talk and people will talk back to you and give you an answer.’

Wise words worth remembering from our kind (and kick-ass) cover star.

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