Strictly’s Joe Sugg opens up about the start of his relationship with Dianne Buswell

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Strictly's Joe Sugg talks relationship with DianneGareth Cattermole/BAFTA - Getty Images

Joe Sugg has discussed the start of his relationship with Dianne Buswell.

The couple, who have been dating for almost five years now, met when they were partnered up for Strictly Come Dancing.

Speaking on The Useless Hotline Podcast, the YouTuber explained what happened in the early days, saying that they kept "Strictly professional" while competing on the BBC show.

"As the weeks went on, there was definitely a feeling there," he continued. "It was like, 'I fancy that person, I wonder if they fancy me'. There was definitely feelings there at some point.

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"These dancers, they are a different breed of people, they are brought up from a young age to be the best and win everything. So when you go into it, there’s no room for any of that farting around.

"She was serious, and I wanted to get to the final as well because the longer you stay in, the better it is, more opportunities afterwards, and I genuinely loved being on the show and wanted to learn every dance style there was."

Asked whether their feelings for each other made the intimate dances easier to do, Joe said it was actually the opposite.

"It made me a bit more awkward in a way, because I didn’t want to come across like I’m really into her," he said. "If anything, it worked against that."

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Joe added he also gets asked about getting engaged constantly, saying: "It’s a question they ask every single time, and it gets to a point where I’m a bit like, ‘Why is it so important?'."

Dianne recently spoke about marriage, admitting the pair haven't really discussed it.

"We haven't really spoken about it, so if it happens, great. If not, we're happy with how things are going," she said.

She also addressed speculation their relationship was over after she went to visit her family in Australia alone.

"It makes me laugh that people think I wouldn’t go and see my family without Joe. It blows my mind," she said. "He knows I don't live anywhere near my family, so if there is any chance I can go to see them… He doesn't have to come with me everywhere."

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