‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Secret Affairs Happen All The Time According To Show’s Former Pro Gleb Savchenko

Matt Bagwell

Former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ pro Gleb Savchenko has revealed that Seann Walsh and Katya Jones are not the first - and won’t be the last - couple to cheat on their partners whilst on the show.

The Russian dancer, who quit ‘Strictly’ after one series in 2016 for the US version of the show, says that there is a lot of backstage romance that viewers never get to hear about, because “what happens on Strictly, stays on Strictly”.

Gleb Savchenko

Gleb told The Sun: “A lot of stuff happens secretly that we don’t know about.

“It’s obvious the dancers have feelings – it’s not necessarily that they want to go and f*** them but a lot of people do.

“It’s normal if you’re single but if you’re not single then OK, you’ve taken that a bit too far.

“I know from the past that these things happen and people get married and even stay together from the curse – it happens.

“We’ve seen Seann and Katya making out outside a bar and if you asked me if I think… any of the others are making out when no one is seeing it, I cannot answer that question. It could well be happening. They may have hooked up even before Seann and Katya.”

Seann Walsh and his dance partner Katya Jones were caught kissing in the street last week.

He added: “Whatever happens on ‘Strictly’ stays on ‘Strictly’, let’s remember that.”

Gleb also believes that Katya can make her marriage to fellow ‘Strictly’ professional dancer Neil Jones work since she was caught kissing her dance partner Seann in the street last week.

“I feel like everyone is expecting Neil to go ‘Oh my god, my wife, she’s such a sl**’, no of course not,” he said.

“He’s going to support her and he’s going to be like ‘listen, yes she had a few drinks and she made a mistake but she admitted it - hopefully it’s not going to happen again.’

“So I think they’re going to work it out and things happen - everyone is a human being.”