Streaming Ratings: ‘Love Is Blind’ Scores With Season 6 Debut

Netflix debuted the sixth season of Love Is Blind on Valentine’s Day, and the show captured a lot of viewers’ hearts — or at least their eyes.

The dating show easily led Nielsen’s original streaming series rankings for Feb. 12-18, drawing 907 million minutes of viewing time in the United States. It also finished third overall, behind library shows Bluey (1.17 billion minutes on Disney+) and Young Sheldon (1 billion on Netflix and Max). Those two swapped spots from the previous week.

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Netflix’s romance One Day had 460 million minutes of watch time, a healthy 55 percent improvement over its opening. Apple TV+’s World War II drama Masters of the Air hit the rankings for the first time with 243 million minutes, with three fourths of that total coming from the episode that premiered Feb. 16.

Oppenheimer also had its streaming premiere on Peacock that week, leading the movies top 10 with 612 million minutes of watch time. The movie went on to win seven Oscars, including best picture, on March 10.

HBO’s True Detective also continued to build in the week leading up to its fourth season finale. The series had 773 million minutes of viewing, up from 745 million a week earlier. Nielsen says the Feb. 11 episode had the largest share of that total with 195 million minutes, suggesting that viewers were also watching quite a bit of the show’s past installments as well. The season four finale was only available on Max for a few hours before Nielsen closed the rankings for the week and will likely take the biggest share of viewing for Feb. 19-25.

The rankings also featured the third former USA Network show to make the acquired series top 10, as Monk (637 million minutes of viewing on Peacock and Prime Video) joined Suits (682 million on Netflix and Peacock) and Royal Pains (617 million on Netflix and Prime).

Nielsen’s streaming ratings cover viewing on TV sets only and don’t include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure U.S. audiences, not those in other countries. The top streaming titles for Feb. 12-18, 2024, are below.


1. Bluey (Disney+), 1.17 billion minutes viewed
2. Young Sheldon (Max/Netflix), 1 billion
3. Love Is Blind (Netflix), 907 million
4. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 831 million
5. True Detective (Max), 773 million
6. NCIS (Netflix/Paramount+), 767 million
7. Suits (Netflix/Peacock), 682 million
8. Monk (Peacock/Prime Video), 637 million
9. Royal Pains (Netflix/Prime Video), 617 million
10. Oppenheimer (Peacock), 612 million

Original Series

1. Love Is Blind, 907 million minutes
2. Griselda (Netflix), 461 million
3. One Day (Netflix), 460 million
4. Halo (Paramount+), 458 million
5. Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Prime Video), 416 million
6. Reacher (Prime Video), 309 million
7. House of Ninjas (Netflix), 287 million
8. Masters of the Air (Apple TV+), 243 million
9. The Crown (Netflix), 242 million
10. Luz: The Light of the Heart (Netflix), 233 million

Acquired Series

1. Bluey, 1.17 billion minutes
2. Young Sheldon, 1 billion
3. Grey’s Anatomy, 831 million
4. True Detective, 773 million
5. NCIS, 767 million
6. Suits, 682 million
7. Monk, 637 million
8. Royal Pains, 617 million
9. Criminal Minds (Hulu/Paramount+), 584 million
10. The Big Bang Theory (Max), 576 million


1. Oppenheimer, 612 million minutes
2. Lover, Stalker, Killer (Netflix), 470 million
3. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (Netflix), 395 million
4. Players (2024) (Netflix), 360 million
5. The Marvels (Disney+), 337 million
6. Dune (2021) (Hulu/Max/Netflix), 333 million
7. Moana (Disney+), 288 million
8. American Assassin (Netflix), 274 million
9. Orion and the Dark (Netflix), 250 million
10. Seraphim Falls (Netflix), 216 million

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