Stray puppy refuses to leave toy friend behind as it begs rescuer to adopt them both

Touching bond between the puppy and its stuffed toy companion melts the hearts of netizens

The stray puppy (left) pleaded to its rescuer to adopt its stuffed toy friend too.
The stray puppy wouldn't leave its teddy bear friend in the riverbanks and signalled to its rescuer to adopt it as well. (PHOTO: Dushi Shibao)

A stray puppy in China warmed the hearts of netizens in a viral video showing it pleading with its new owner to adopt its teddy bear.

The rescuer, a woman named Zhang, from Shandong province in eastern China, shares her adorable first encounter with the pooch and its teddy bear friend.

In a 35-second video, the woman finds the puppy with its teddy bear by a river, reported Chinese news outlet Dushi Shibao.

The puppy, which has a yellow garland around its neck, is seen kissing and licking the stuffed animal affectionately.

Without hesitation, Zhang, who already has three other dogs, decided to foster the puppy, recognising it needs care. After some coaxing, it began to follow her but kept turning back to look at its teddy bear.

Dog won’t leave its friend behind

At one point, the puppy even tapped on her leg and whimpered, as though begging her to stop walking and follow it.

“It looks very worried and it seems that it doesn’t want to leave,” said Zhang in the video.

At first, Zhang didn’t understand what the dog was whimpering about. Eventually it led Zhang back to the teddy bear, licked it and picked the toy up with its mouth, as if trying to say to not leave its friend behind.

Zhang then realised the dog was trying to tell her: “Please save my friend too.”

The heartwarming gesture touched Zhang's heart, and she promised to take care of both the dog and the teddy bear.

Managing four dogs

Once they got home, Zhang immediately tended to the dog's needs, who apparently was unwell and in need of veterinary treatment.

She already had three dogs, and although she wasn't sure if she could care for four dogs, she promised to find to find a loving home for the dog and its teddy bear friend if she is unable to care for them.

“If I am not able to look after four dogs, I will find someone to adopt it and its teddy bear,” said Zhang.

The touching bond between the puppy and its stuffed toy companion has melted the hearts of netizens, with many praising the dog's loyalty to its friend.

“It’s so heartwarming. The dog won’t give up on its friend,” one user said.

“All creatures great and small,” said another.

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