Strawberry Spritz Malibu Is The Pimped Up Coconut Rum Of Your Dreams

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Malibu
Photo credit: Malibu

From Delish

If you’re feeling a little mulled wine fatigued already, you might fancy a turn on Malibu’s Strawberry Spritz instead?

It’s basically your favourite coconut rum, but it’s been pimped up with tasty strawberryness (is that a word?).

The Malibu website describes the boozy beverage by saying, “Spritz up your party with Malibu Strawberry Spritz. A sparkling rum-based spritz bursting with the taste of strawberry and a drop of coconut. The perfect drink to be shared with friends. Simply pop the top and pour over ice.”

Perfect for Christmassy cocktails, if you ask us.

Tesco is currently selling the 75cl bottle (ABV 11%) for £7.50. But that’s part of a deal that ends on 9 December, so after that you’ll have to fork out £9.50 for this exotic treat. But we think it’s worth it, tbh.

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Malibu not your thing? How about Baileys’ new Red Velvet Cupcake flavour?

Photo credit: Baileys
Photo credit: Baileys

Baileys says, “Now you can have your cupcakes and drink them too”, and describes the dreamy drink as, “Sweet, silky and creamy. And wonderfully warming and seductive whether it’s poured over ice and served in a tumbler or added to your coffee.”

Or perhaps a wine that taste like Christmas is more up your street?

Rubis Wine is an award-winning red made from Spanish Tempranillo grapes, that’s been infused with chocolate, hints of spice, cherries and vanilla.

We’ll have one of each, thank you barkeep.

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