A new Strava update lets you use 3D maps when you record an activity

Jacob Moreton
·1-min read
Photo credit: Strava
Photo credit: Strava

Fitness app Strava have unveiled a new 3D Terrain Mode feature in their latest product update.

Launched to coincide with World Earth Day on 22nd April, the update is the first time Strava have integrated 3D maps into the app. Sitting within personal heatmaps, the new feature will now reflect the real terrain covered by athletes during their activity, Strava says.

For now however, the feature will not be available on the iOS or Android app. Instead it will only be available to subscribers and then accessible only through the web.

Earlier this month Strava also updated satellite map imagery across the app, including both the mobile and web applications. Since the update, Routes, personal heatmaps and activity recordings use map images from the last two years, on average. Strava says helps to ‘provide more accurate context,’ as well making for ‘more seamless exploring from place to place and across zoom levels.’

In another recent update Strava’s record screen map, which previously used Apple Maps on iOS and Google Maps on Android, now uses Mapbox across both platforms.

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