Stranger Things s4 has just landed and Twitter is already in total chaos over one thing

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Congratulations, guys. We made it. After three years of patient waiting, calm(ish) theorising and a lot of Reddit trawling, season 4 of Stranger Things is finally here. But, after that long of a wait, it's no surprise that season 4 is already causing chaos for fans over one thing.

The series, which landed on Netflix today, sees all of our favourite characters back to do battle with the upside down, demagorgons and other creepy characters, soundtracked by the best the 80s has to offer. Plus, this season promises to be better than ever, with feature-film-length episodes, a whole bunch of new characters and (clearly) a colossal budget, there's a reason season 4 has had fans quivering with excitement for literal months.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

So, it makes sense, then, that as soon as the first part of the season dropped on Netflix (Stranger Things s4 is split into two parts) chaos ensued on Twitter over one thing. Essentially, ST fans kind of broke Netflix for a bit.

As soon as part 1 was released keen viewers found that they, err... couldn't actually watch it, or even find it, thanks to the fact that so many people were busy trying to watch the new instalment all at the same time. For a brief moment viewers were met with a 'Network Error' when trying to stream the new season, and unsurprisingly this was not well received...

Honestly, good work everyone. That's quite something.

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