Stranger Things fans are worried about one character's future following behind-the-scenes clip

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Photo credit: Tina Rowden/Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Tina Rowden/Netflix - Netflix

If you spent your bank holiday weekend binge-watching Stranger Things and doing, well, not much else, you're not alone. Season four is officially taking over the internet, and fans have got plenty to say about the Netflix series' latest instalment - from a huge Will Byers plot hole, to jokes about Max, and one specific complaint from viewers.

Now, fans have been busy digging into Stranger Things S4 once again, and this time they're worried about one particular character thanks to a teaser behind-the-scenes clip. Seriously, we can't take much more emotional turmoil.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix - Netflix

Viewers' new concerns come after Netflix shared a six-minute behind-the-scenes video on Twitter, adding the caption, "Ever wonder what a day in the life on the set of Stranger Things is like? Look no further, nerds."

Alongside clips showing the cast having, basically, a whole load of fun, there's one moment from the BTS vid that's got fans worried about one person in particular: that's Caleb McLaughlin's character Lucas Sinclair.

Around halfway through the video we see cast member Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson) sitting in hair and makeup when Caleb comes to join him, showing Gaten some footage on his phone. Reacting to the footage (which is sadly obscured), Gaten tells Caleb, "That looks so, your eyes! Oh man, did they put contacts in you?" with Caleb confirming, "Yeah".

While the whole exchange is pretty short, it's actually got fans concerned about Lucas' future. According to some theories, Caleb wearing contacts could point towards Lucas being potentially caught by Vecna - with characters' eyes turning a milky white colour whenever they're possessed by the monster.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix - Netflix

Say it ain't so!

Fans were quick to share their theories on Twitter, with one writing, "Excuse me WHY did they put contacts on Caleb? And they didn’t show us the scene either? He def got Vecna’d."

Another added, "Why are we not talking about Gaten talking with Caleb about his eyes and wearing contacts? RIP Lucas I guess."

Of course, we'll have to wait until season four, part two drops to find out exactly what's in store for Lucas. But one thing's for sure, and that's that nothing (literally nothing) gets past these Stranger Things fans, eh?

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