The Story Behind How Snoop Dogg Ended Up In An Amazing Photo With The Entire Oppenheimer Cast

 Snoop Dogg in Entourage.
Snoop Dogg in Entourage.

The current award season is not only another great opportunity to see our favorite filmmakers and actors get nominated (and hopefully win) awards for their work in the best movies of 2023, it once again is serving as a great moment for networking among Hollywood’s big names. It’s always fun to see what random celebrities end up meeting at these industry events leading up to the Oscars, and this year, a memorable one is between Snoop Dogg and just about the entire cast of Oppenheimer.

Earlier this month, one X user took to the social media platform to share a photo of the Oppenheimer cast all posing alongside Snoop Dogg. Check it:

How random, am I right? Snoop isn’t the only non-Oppenheimer celebrity to join the cast of Christopher Nolan’s drama though. Colman Domingo and Martha Stewart are there too. When Snoop Dogg was recently asked about how he ended up in the amazing photo, here’s what he said:

Nah, I wasn’t in the movie. I happened to be at that party that night. I’m a fan of the majority of the cast, the director, the actors and they asked me to be in the picture. They said ‘We can’t take the picture unless Snoop Dogg is in it’ and I’m like ‘Alright.’

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host joked if Snoop Dogg was somewhere in the movie. But no, you didn’t miss some secret cameo from the rapper in the period film, the Oppenheimer cast was apparently just fangirling over him and insisted he be in their photo during an award season party! When Snoop was subsequently asked if he had seen the movie, here’s how he commented:

I loved [Oppenheimer]. It was a long movie, but I loved it… I can’t watch it in pieces, I gotta respect the director, the actors, the whole storyline and let it get to where it need to get to.

Snoop Dogg said he watched Oppenheimer at home via one of those screeners that are mailed out to people during awards season. While Snoop Dogg shared he’s not part of the Academy, he is definitely up on one of 2023’s most talked-about movies. But while he waited to watch Oppenheimer at home, the rapper shared he went out to the theaters to catch Barbie. Check out the Snoop Dogg interview below:

Oppenheimer is arguably this year’s Best Picture frontrunner after the movie secured a whopping 13 Academy Award nominations for the 2024 ceremony. Ahead of this Oscars happening in March, Oppenheimer won eight awards at the Critics Choice Movie Awards, including Best Picture, and five Golden Globes.

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg recently went viral for saying he was giving up weed and has a new comedy out called The Underdoggs, to which critics were not kind. The movie can be streamed now with an Amazon Prime subscription. Snoop Dogg may not be in Oppenheimer, but wherever he goes, the icon is making things more iconic, including that recent cast photo!