Storm Photos of the Year Winners and Finalists

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The winners and finalists in the Storm Photos of the Year competition were announced on Wednesday.

There were two categories: Photographer of the Year and Photo of the Year. Photographer of the Year was scooped by winner Tim Baca, while U.S. storm chaser Scott Peake won Photo of the Year with a picture captured near Ashby, Minnesota.

Storm Photos of the Year was conceived and run by Mike Olbinski, an Emmy award-winning photographer and filmmaker who has been capturing storms for over a decade. He asked fellow legendary storm chaser and Nikon ambassador Mike Mezeul to help judge, along with YouTube star and incredibly talented landscape photographer Nick Page and Linda van Rosmalen, a supremely skilled photographer and filmmaker.

Mike explains: "We all know 2020 was a brutally hard year for everyone, and most people were stuck at home, quarantined and staying safe. It was definitely a more difficult time to get out and capture weather, but the submissions were mind-blowing nonetheless. The Photo of the Year category especially saw some absolutely insane captures, from close-range lightning bolts, stunning compositions and the raw power of tornadoes. And despite the below average spring storm season in the United States, some photographers were able to chase a bunch and put together some amazing and diverse portfolios."

This picture: Tim Baca. Cuervo, New Mexico, USA.