Storm Ali latest: heart-stopping moment Ryanair plane abandons touchdown at Dublin Airport

James Morris

This is the terrifying moment a plane was forced to abandon its landing at Dublin Airport as Storm Ali continued to wreak havoc.

The Ryanair plane was rocking from side to side as it approached the runway. Just as it was about to land, it suddenly veered upwards and back into the sky.

Eyewitness Eric Duffy told the Standard: “We were collecting a friend from the airport. It got delayed so we went to the viewing point. It was so windy that most of the planes were having to abandon touchdown and take off again.

“It was crazy, so scary. The planes were literally rocking from side to side. Even when they managed to touch down, you weren’t sure what was going to happen.

The Ryanair plane abandons its landing at Dublin Airport (Eric Duffy)

“It happened three times for my friend’s plane before it finally landed the fourth time.”

A Ryanair spokesperson said: "This flight from Brussels to Dublin performed a routine go-around due to high winds, before landing normally.”

But Kirsten Jongberg, who said she was on the plane, tweeted: "Just had the worst flight of my life - this is my plane having to abort landing at the last second. There was much screaming and crying from passengers, but pilots guided us in safely on second attempt."

Storm Ali caused chaos in Ireland on Wednesday morning, with winds reaching speeds as high as 75mph.

Tragedy struck in County Galway after a caravan, with a woman in her 50s inside, was blown off a cliff. The woman, who was believed to have been sleeping, died.

Fallen trees also damaged the electricity network, with more than 140,000 homes affected.