Stop Everything. Milkybar White Chocolate And Toffee Eclairs Exist

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Photo credit: @helenjtea
Photo credit: @helenjtea

What is it about Milkybar that we love so much? Honestly, Milkybar white chocolate bars (and in particular Milkybar Choo bars) are just the tastiest thing around.

So, imagine our unadulterated joy when we found out that Milkybar eclairs exist. No, not the pastry things – the super-tasty toffees stuffed with chocolate; on this occasion, Milkybar white chocolate.

Like, why has no one ever thought to make a white chocolate version of these before? White chocolate is blatantly the best chocolate around.

(Don’t @ me…)

Luckily, we now know about these tasty little morsels thanks to @helenjtea, who shared a post on Instagram with a load of photos and videos.

The caption on the post reads, “What’s your favourite sweet? Mine is definitely the eclair and as a white chocolate lover the toffee with milky bar white chocolate filling is just perfect! Keep watching slide 1 to see the filling!

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“These are imported from India but you can order from @thesnackchest 😍 I visited India a few years ago and I’ll always remember how great the bags of sweets were for quantity - in the UK you open bag and it’s half empty but this bag was completely full to the brim as you will see from the photos and video!”

So, yeah, unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to just pick up a bag of these little fellas in your local corner – you’ll have to order them from The Snack Chest, and a bag will set you back £12.99 to account for shipping from India and all that.

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