The 7 Best Things To See And Do In Stockholm, Sweden

Colourful houses on Stortorget Square in Stockholm's Old Town. (Photo: Vladislav Zolotov via Getty Images)

Stockholm is a pretty small city which means you can see a lot of it in a short space of time – we’re talking two or three days.

It’s got plenty to offer, from an excellent foodie scene to beautiful parks and grand buildings. There’ll be lots of material for the Gram. And it’s easy to get around too, whether you choose bus, metro or tram.

So what should you do on your trip?

1. Go For Fika. 

(Photo: Alexander Farnsworth via Getty Images)

Fika, which basically means ‘coffee break’, is a Swedish pastime that everyone should get behind when visiting the capital. You can get fika at most bakeries and cafés. It’s important to note that fika isn’t just about the eating and drinking, it’s also about slowing down and enjoying the moment with friends or companions.

Top tip: If you’re feeling fancy, head to NK department store and enjoy fika – aka a coffee with a cinnamon bun or apple cake – at Franska Caféet on the third floor.

2. See The Old Town. 

(Photo: bluejayphoto via Getty Images)

You can see the main sights in Gamla Stan, the old town, in a couple of hours. There are narrow cobbled streets and grand old buildings galore – check out The Royal Palace, Storkyrkan (the oldest church in Gamla Stan) and The Nobel Museum. You should also check out Stortorget, a charming square with colourful buildings and a great place to get some good photos – it’s a far cry from how it was in 1520 when Danish conqueror Kristian II had 82 Swedish dignitaries arrested and beheaded there.

Top tip: Go early to avoid the crowds and get some nice shots of the buildings.

3. Shop Like A Swede.

(Photo: Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images)

If you’re in Sweden you may as well make the most of all the brilliant Swedish highstreet brands including Cos, H&M, Weekday, Monki, & Other Stories and Arket (all owned by the H&M Group). There are also tonnes of exciting department stores and independent boutiques to peruse for some Scandi style. But a word of warning: your money will soon disappear.

Top tip: Decide what you actually want to buy before going into these stores because they’re pretty vast and can suck up hours of your time. 

4. Stroll around Hagaparken.

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Autumn in Hagaparken. (Photo: Olof Bergqvist via Getty Images)

Hop on a tram to Hagaparken and enjoy a walk around this beautiful park – in autumn it’s beautiful with the leaves turning orange (but wrap up warm!) while in summer it’s luscious and green. Tucked away within the park is a butterfly house (Fjärilshuset) where you can walk among freely flying butterflies in large tropical greenhouses. There’s also a huge shark tank in there, which big and little kids will undoubtedly love.

Top tip: Wear comfy shoes!

5. Learn Something New At A Museum.

Ferry passing by the Vasa Museum. (Photo: mikdam via Getty Images)

There are lots of museums in Stockholm to amble around – whether you visit the photography museum (Fotografiska), or the absolute booze fest that is Sprit Museum (yes, it’s an entire museum dedicated to drinking). The Vasa Museum, a maritime museum which houses the only almost fully intact 17th century ship that has ever been salvaged, comes highly recommended if you’re into history. And super troupers can take a chance on Abba The Museum.

Top tip: Book online ahead of time to see if you can bag a discount.

6. Check Out Södermalm District.

Old buildings in the Sodermalm district at dusk. (Photo: bbsferrari via Getty Images)

The Södermalm district is basically the Stockholm equivalent of London’s Shoreditch – where the kids go to shop, eat and hang out. Head there for fika (and, while you’re there, check out the aformentioned Fotografiska), or simply wander around its many boutique stores. Hornstull has a cute market (Hornstull Marknad) where you can eat street food and buy vintage goodies galore.

Top tip: Take cash for the market. 

7. Enjoy The Shopping Centre Night Life.

Tucked away in the middle of Mood shopping centre is Boqueria, a restaurant turned bar which becomes a hive of activity after shopping hours on a Saturday. Get there early(ish), bag yourself a seat and prepare to enjoy the array of 90s bangers that the DJ plays, while sipping a glass of wine and watching people come and go. There might even be some dancing to be had.

Top tip: You can get an Uber back to your accommodation later in the evening, but be warned they can be quite expensive. A 10-minute trip can end up costing £20-£25.


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