'Are they still going to find me sexy?' - Love Island's Patsy Field opens up on life in the villa with disability after traumatic birth

Love Island's Patsy Field was born with a condition called Erb's Palsy, which renders one arm shorter and less mobile than the other. However, the star isn't letting her disability define her.

When she stepped into the Love Island villa upon the show's return for it's 11th series earlier this month, she was determined to be confident and was a hit with her straightforward approach and her eagerness to bring attention to her condition.

She opened up to OK! about her hidden disability, and how she navigated life in the villa.

"One thing you guys don't know about me is I have a disability. I have never spoken about it before because I am a bit self-conscious about it to be honest. Pretty much everyone says they don't notice it, or they have never noticed it before but once I tell you go back and look through my old videos, you'll be able to spot it.

Patsy on Love Island
Patsy was born with Erb's Palsy -Credit:ITV
Love Island's Munveer Jabbal and Patsy Field on OK!'s Love Island Dumping Debrief
Patsy opened up to Munveer about her condition -Credit:OK!

I was a normal, happy, healthy baby in my mama's womb and the hospital f***ed up and gave me a disability, [redacted] hospital, you f***ers. I should have been a caesarean birth, but the midwife thought she could do it and she couldn't... I was such a big baby, I was almost 11lb, a normal baby is like 7lb! I got stuck coming out of my mum. They were pulling and pulling and pulling and in the process of yanking me out, they have done some damage. They snapped the nerve that sends messages down from my brain down my spine to my right arm, so messages are trying to send, and this computer says no.

In the villa, I didn't pull everyone to talk about it, but there were things that I needed help with. I needed help to tie my hair up so I needed to rest my arm on something. The boys noticed that I was resting my arm on cupboards and shelves and they would say ‘what are you doing?’ and then I would explain it from there, saying: ‘This is the condition that I’ve got.'

Love Island's Munveer Jabbal and Patsy Field record OK!'s video series Love Island Dumping Debrief alongside OK! reporter Nikki Onafuye
Love Island's Munveer Jabbal and Patsy Field spill the tea on OK!'s Love Island Dumping Debrief -Credit:OK!

Everyone always says the same thing, that they didn't notice until I told them.

I told Munveer first because it was going somewhere at the start between us, and I thought I wanted to be open about it and it is nice to confide in someone. I felt most comfortable with Munveer, so we had a really lovely conversation.

Munveer and Patsy on Love Island
Munveer and Patsy were dumped from the Island after 10 days -Credit:ITV

I'm trying to be more confident in myself and just really embracing it. I am happy to let everyone know and talk about it and inform as much as I can because, since leaving the villa after being in there for 10 days, I am getting a lot of messages saying how inspiring it was for me to go on there and I am really happy that I have inspired people to be confident with the conditions that they have.

I've just had a thing in my past and I know I shouldn't think this but, 'are people going to find me sexy?’ But, it just gives me something unique about me and being on Love Island has made me embrace it more. It's just nice to pass it onto others watching the show."

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