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The Office TV Show False Shirt

This The Office TV Show False Shirt ($19) almost makes Dwight Schrute look cute.

Every One of These The Office Stocking Stuffers Deserves a Dundie of Its Own

Keep watching The Office on repeat on Netflix? Because same. Maybe you're a fan of Jim and Pam's love story, or perhaps you prefer Dwight's one-liners; either way, there's no denying the show is maybe kinda sorta the best show ever. While you may consider the entire Dunder Mifflin clan your close, personal friends, are you really a diehard fan if you don't own any merch? We picked out a handful of funny and quirky stocking stuffers any fan of The Office will love. Whether you are on the hunt for a gift for your pals or you want to treat yourself, shop the gifts ahead.