Steve Perry withdraws trademarks lawsuit against ex-Journey bandmates

Steve Perry has dropped his lawsuit against his ex-bandmates credit:Bang Showbiz
Steve Perry has dropped his lawsuit against his ex-bandmates credit:Bang Showbiz

Steve Perry has dropped his lawsuit against his former Journey bandmates.

The 73-year-old musician - who was lead singer of the rock band from 1977 to 1987, and again from 1995 to 1998, and co-wrote many of their hits - filed a lawsuit against Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain in September, regarding the trademarks of 20 of their biggest hits and their use of them on merchandise.

He accused the pair of “fraud on the trademark office”, and claimed they failed to ask for his consent to use the trademarks.

However, Schon has now confirmed Perry has withdrawn the case.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, he said: "Yes he did. Now we can talk as we were.”

While the case has been dropped, there still appears to be a rift between Schon and Cain.

The former has accused Cain of "trying to throw me under the bus".

He wrote: “So much for [Cain] trying to throw me under the bus as he claimed I was blatantly trying to rip off [Perry] while collecting the checks for the very diligent work my wife and I did to protect our Merch.”

The 'Don't Stop Believin'' rockers have had a number of legal fallouts over the years.

More recently, Schon filed a cease and desist against Cain for performing at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago.

The 68-year-old lead guitarist was not impressed to say the least when the 72-year-old keyboardist performed ‘Don’t Stop Believin” at the former President's Florida resort in November, because Journey "is not, and should not be, political."

Cain - whose wife Paula White-Cain was a spiritual advisor to Trump – is accused by his bandmate of "unauthorised affiliation of Journey" with Trump's politics.

Schon claimed it has resulted in "irreparable harm" to the group's brand and "earning potential".

Cain hit back and accused his bandmate of lying.

He responded: “Schon is just frustrated that he keeps losing in court and is now falsely claiming the song has been used at political rallies.”

Back in March 2020, Journey fired longtime bassist Ross Valory and drummer Steve Smith for an alleged "malicious and very ill-conceived" coup attempt to gain control of the band's copyright from Schon and Cain.

Valory - who was also fired by the band in 1985 and replaced by Randy Jackson - and Smith later countersued.

Jackson returned to the group in May 2020.