Stephen Colbert apologises to Mindy Kaling for charging into her dressing room

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Mindy Kaling and U.S. TV host Stephen Colbert had an awkward encounter before her The Late Show appearance on Wednesday.

Colbert kicked off their interview by apologising to his guest and then explaining to viewers what had happened just before the show.

"I didn't know if you were going to bring it up, and I felt bad bringing this up," Kaling said. "So, I was backstage getting changed, and I was just in, like, a pair of pants and my bra... I don't have any clothes on, and I just thought the whole time, 'I wish I had worn a sexier bra, because, it was like, you know, he works hard...'

"I was wearing like a grey (bra). I have a 10-month-old! It was, like, a grey bra, just sad, you know...? I should have locked the door, right?"

Red-faced Colbert said, "I don't usually do this. I usually wait until the guest's in the wings, but I thought I would just go and say, 'Hey, have a great show!' So I popped the door open. I knocked. But I did that knock and pop at the same time.

"It was entirely my fault. I should have knocked and waited. But your team was great. They hurled themselves in front of you like I was an assassin! I couldn't have seen anything if I wanted to."

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