Steph McGovern's show-stopping outfit prompts questions from rarely-seen daughter

Steph McGovern in black tasselled top and red leather skirt
(Anthony Devlin)

Steph McGovern is a proud mum to her young daughter and makes sure to keep her out of the spotlight, sharing very rare photos - with her face always obscured - or providing snippets of information into her life.

During the week, the star took to Instagram to show off an impressive look that she wore on Packed Lunch that was covered with multicoloured cassette tapes. Alongside the eye-catching top she wore a pair of skintight black jeans and matching boots. She combined her dazzling pair of earrings and bracelet with a bright face of makeup and styled her blonde locks in her signature way.

Steph was quick to rave about her outfit, before confessing that it slightly showed her age as the presenter's daughter, three, questioned what was featured on the shirt.

"80s reject over here," she joked. "Love this cassette jacket that @tesswrightstylist found for me on @etsy - they're not doing them anymore. My little girl asked me what was on my jacket and I said 'they're called cassettes and they're what we used to listen to music on in the olden days'." She finished the post by crediting her hair and makeup artist.

Steph McGovern in a jacket covered with cassette tapes
Steph's striking outfit confused her daughter (Instagram)

Sharing their thoughts on the outfit, one fan wrote: "I love all your outfits you wear on Packed Lunch always look very stylish and love the show been watching since day 1," while a second added: "The best jacket, need one now with floppy discs or VHS tapes!"

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A third posted: "Loved your hair today. You look ACE Steph as always," while a fourth shared: "The 80s were the best!" while a fifth lamented how the jacket was no longer available. "Darn it, I spent ages Googling your jacket too!" they commented.

Steph McGovern on a sofa in a dungaree dress
Steph always has gorgeous outfits (Instagram)

Steph dotes on her young girl and over the weekend, she sweetly revealed that the family had headed out to a huge activity centre decked out with a brightly coloured obstacle course. In a second photo, Steph posed for a sweet selfie, alongside which she penned: "My little one loves it here."

She further surprised fans with a relatable follow-up selfie. In the hilarious snapshot, Steph was pictured eating a sausage sandwich whilst relaxing at the play centre's restaurant. "And so do I…" she quipped in her caption. "The sausage sandwiches are lush!"

steph mcgovern in swimming pool with daughter
The star welcomed a daughter in 2019

For the wholesome mother-daughter activity, Steph dressed down in a vivid lemon-yellow knitted jumper which she teamed with a neon yellow top. The Steph's Packed Lunch host elevated her outfit with a simple gold chain necklace and a pair of funky aviator glasses.

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For a pop of colour, the mother-of-one rounded off her casual get-up with a glossy coating of cobalt blue nail varnish. As for hair and makeup, Steph wore her sleek tresses down loose and accentuated her gorgeous lashes with lengthening mascara.