Steph McGovern forced to clarify as she sparks major reaction with 'maybe baby' outfit

Steph McGovern raised eyebrows during Monday's show of Steph's Packed Lunch, which saw her wear a black knitted blouse with the slogan, "Maybe baby".

This prompted many to believe whether the TV presenter, who turns 41 on Wednesday, is pregnant with her second child – including guest Simon Rimmer.

Sharing pictures of her outfit on Instagram, Steph remarked: "Maybe baby…Not a pregnancy announcement as Simon Rimmer suggested it might be [laughing emoji]."

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Fans were quick to respond, with many agreeing with celebrity chef Simon. "My mum asked the same thing when she saw it," wrote one, while another added: "I actually thought the same as Simon when I first saw it." A third post read: "That was exactly my thought!" A fourth person stated: "Must admit, ! thought that too!"

Steph McGovern Maybe Baby blouse
Steph McGovern Maybe Baby blouse

Despite being an open book on screen, Steph's life away from the spotlight remains relatively private. The star is thought to be dating a TV executive but keeps details of her long-term relationship under wraps. The couple welcomed their first child in November 2019.

While Steph occasionally offers an insight into her life as a parent, as well as inside her modern family home in Yorkshire, she has chosen not to make her daughter's name public.

steph mcgovern pushing three year old daughter in pram on family holiday
steph mcgovern pushing three year old daughter in pram on family holiday

And it seems Steph and her partner are in no rush to expand their brood. Speaking to Women & Home magazine in 2022, Steph explained: "I don't think more children are on the cards. It's a bit like the Strictly question. It feels like a no but I'm not going to say a definitive no because you don't know."

However, spending quality family time together is at the top of Steph's priority list. In an interview with The Sun's TV Magazine, she said: "Now Saturdays and Sundays are about my partner and my daughter. My perfect Saturday is taking my little girl swimming, then we'll go out for lunch with her, which is chaos but we pretend it's fine."

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