Steph Curry shows the expensive dangers of playing ball in the house

Carol Ann Brady told her children not to play ball in the house nearly 50 years, and that advice still rings true today. Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry was probably too young to catch “The Brady Bunch” when it aired, so he had to learn Carol Brady’s lesson the hard way Thursday.

While killing time in his hotel room a day before Friday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks, Curry decided it would be a good idea to practice his golf swing. As you might expect, that ritual ended in disaster.

Yeah, Curry broke something … and that’s a lot of glass.

That picture doesn’t give us a whole lot of information, so we’ll have to play amateur detective here. The first question is: What did Curry break? Given the amount of glass, you would think maybe a window. But it’s also possible there was a glass table or another piece of furniture that shattered.

The second question is: How did this happen? There’s no way Curry was actually hitting golf balls, right? That is a recipe for something like this to happen. It’s probably more likely that he was taking practice swings and lost his grip on the club. The club then flew out of his hands and smashed whatever produced all that glass.

We won’t do any name-calling, though Curry did invite it with the “#idiot” hashtag at the end of his post. That’s probably a little harsh here. The whole thing could have been avoided if Curry knew about Carol Brady’s words of wisdom.

Steph Curry probably should have practiced his golf swing outside. (AP Photo)

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