I stayed at Disney's Polynesian Resort for $1,100 a night. I had a great view of Magic Kingdom, but the price wasn't worth it.

I stayed at Disney's Polynesian Resort for $1,100 a night. I had a great view of Magic Kingdom, but the price wasn't worth it.
  • I stayed in a club-level room at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort for $1,100 a night.

  • The resort has perks including a Tiki bar, a white-sand beach, and an amazing view of Magic Kingdom.

  • Although my stay was beautiful and nostalgic, the club-level experience wasn't worth the price.

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort is located right across the Seven Seas Lagoon from Magic Kingdom theme park. It's one of Disney's deluxe resorts and includes perks like larger rooms, a great pool, and easy transportation to parks.

This was the first resort I stayed in when I was a kid, so it's always nostalgic when I visit. Its tropical atmosphere and convenient location make the resort a top pick for visitors.

Here's what it was like to return to the resort as an adult to stay in a $1,100-a-night club-level suite.

I arrived early at the resort to check in, but our room wasn't ready.

Hawaii building at Disney's Polynesian resort.
I checked in at the club-level building.Jacqueline Dole

I opted for a club-level experience at the resort, which comes with some exclusive perks. I got to skip the main lobby and check in at the club-level building.

A member of Disney Signature Services — a team that assists with reservations — is supposed to reach out to club-level guests prior to arrival, but I wasn't contacted. And when I went to check in, our room wasn't ready.

Representatives for Disney did not respond to Insider's request for comment.

While we waited, we went up to the club-level lounge for snacks.

Lounge at Disney's Polynesian resort.
I stopped by the lounge for a complimentary snack before going to my room.Jacqueline Dole

The private lounge offered complimentary breakfast, snacks, evening appetizers, desserts, and beverages.

There was a large assortment of grab-and-go options in the lounge.

Chips being offered at a grab-and-go station.
The options were basic, but I was glad to see them.Jacqueline Dole

The snack choices in the lounge were pretty basic in the afternoon, but I was glad to see them after a long morning of travel.

Options included plates of hummus, sliced vegetables, assorted chips, and beer or wine upon request.

We walked around the resort until our room was ready.

Signs pointing to different parts of Disney's Polynesian Resort.
I explored Disney's Polynesian Resort while waiting for my room.Jacqueline Dole

The resort has a white-sand beach facing Magic Kingdom, two great pools, a beautiful lobby, and plenty of dining options.

Before heading back to the club-level building to see if our room was ready, we joined the waitlist at Trader Sam's Grog Grotto, a popular Tiki bar inside the hotel.

Our room was ready at 3 p.m., and I was disappointed to find out that we didn't have a balcony.

View from Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.
The view of Magic Kingdom was top-notch.Jacqueline Dole

When I booked my room, I requested to be on the third floor because the first- and third-floor rooms feature a balcony or patio. Unfortunately, we were given a room on the second floor.

Our room had a sliding door, which opened to a clear view of the beach and lagoon. But it didn't have a balcony.

I thought it was strange that the pricing was the same for rooms with and without a balcony.

Representatives for Disney did not respond to Insider's request for comment.

The room was nice and big.

Moana-themed room at Disney's olynesian Village Resort
Our room was decorated nicely with "Moana"-inspired furniture.Jacqueline Dole

The room was furnished with two queen beds, a couch, a dresser, a mini fridge, and a separate bathroom area.

But I wasn't a huge fan of the colors or decor.

Hotel bed at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.
The colors were vibrant and tropical.Jacqueline Dole

My room had a lot of "Moana"-inspired decor, including vibrant wallpaper and wall art.

I didn't enjoy it as much as the mid-century tropical theme that the resort used to feature when I visited as a kid.

The bathroom included amenities from Disney's toiletry line.

Hotel amenities at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort
The room provided a good number of products.Jacqueline Dole

My suite's bathroom had a tub-and-shower combo, a double vanity, and a toilet behind a pocket door. There were also free toiletries and two bathrobes available in the closet.

Unlike other club-level rooms I've stayed in, I didn't find any complimentary slippers available.

Appetizers are served in the lounge from 5 to 7 p.m. every night.

Appetizer dish at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.
The meals were hit-or-miss for me.Jacqueline Dole

A large selection of hot foods and fresh salads were offered in the club lounge every night.

The food was really hit-or-miss for me. Some items, like the fried goat cheese with beets, were delicious. Others, like the polenta dish, weren't my favorite.

We went to Trader Sam's Grog Grotto for drinks.

Disney's Trader Sam's Grog Grotto.
Trader Sam's Grog Grotto was filled with tropical and nostalgic decor.Jacqueline Dole

The inside of Trader Sam's Grog Grotto was decked out with tropical decor, relics from old Disney attractions, and other nods to the parks.

The cocktails were great, and so were the bartenders, who were referred to as Skippers.


The cocktail mugs at the Tiki bar were a perfect souvenir.

Mugs from Trader Sam's Grog Grotto.
The mugs from Trader Sam's Grog Grotto were interesting.Jacqueline Dole

A lot of the beverages at the Tiki bar are served in quirky mugs, which can be purchased as a souvenir.

Some cocktail orders even trigger unique experiences — like the bartenders dancing or a light show — and hanging around to watch them is highly encouraged.

The fireworks were visible from our hotel room.

Fireworks at Magic Kingdom from afar.
We had a clear view of the fireworks.Jacqueline Dole

The club-level lounge offers two-story, floor-to-ceiling windows for guests to view the Magic Kingdom fireworks while music plays in the background.

But since we had a room with a theme-park view, we opted to watch the show from our window.

We had breakfast in the lounge before heading to the park via boat.

Boat at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.
The breakfast was basic but still very tasty.Jacqueline Dole

During my stay, the breakfast was pretty basic with offerings like cereal, pastries, pancakes, bacon. I loved that there was an espresso machine.

There were also carafes of juice available, including the fan-favorite POG (passion fruit, orange, and guava) juice, which I chose to have in my mimosa.

After breakfast, we hopped on a boat outside of the hotel to go to the theme parks.

We spent a lot of time at the resort on this trip.

Pool at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.
We visited the pool often at Disney's Polynesian Resort.Jacqueline Dole

When I'm at Disney World, I spend a lot of time at the parks. But on this trip, I opted to enjoy the club-level perks and spend as much time as I could at the resort.

We went swimming in both pools as a pastime. The main pool even features a water slide.

The Polynesian Resort is still my favorite hotel, but I don't think I'd stay in a club-level room again.

Disney's Polynesian Resort.
I had fun at Disney's Polynesian Resort, but I'd do it differently next time.Jacqueline Dole

The theming, convenience, and nostalgia of Disney's Polynesian Resort make it a favorite of mine.

Although I enjoyed my stay, I don't think there's enough added value to make the club-level price tag worth it.

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