I stayed in a 250-square-foot trailer on a gorgeous property for $80. I'd choose it over a motel every time.

I stayed in a 250-square-foot trailer on a gorgeous property for $80. I'd choose it over a motel every time.
A green and white RV that has a wooden porch with chairs and a green roof
I spent $80 to stay in a 250-square-foot camper. Lucien Formichella
  • My friend and I spent the night in a 250-square-foot RV in West Virginia.

  • For only $80, we had access to comfortable beds, a shower, a kitchen, and beautiful scenery.

  • The camper was big enough for one night but is better-suited for a couple or small family.

While on a road trip with a friend, we decided that instead of staying in a roadside motel, we would roll the dice and book a stay in an RV in West Virginia.

We paid $80 to rent the 250-square-foot trailer for one night through Airbnb.

Here's what it was like staying in the camper.

The area surrounding the trailer was beautiful.

A green and white RV with a wooden porch. The porch has a green roof and the RV is located in a residential, grassy area with trees.
I enjoyed the fresh air and sounds of nature. Lucien Formichella

The trailer was in a somewhat isolated area under a sugar maple tree near a small creek.

Though walking up to the camper in the middle of the night was pretty creepy, I was struck by how beautiful the surrounding area was.

The air was fresh, and I could hear insects chirping and dogs barking.

I was sad we couldn't stay for more than one night because the atmosphere was already better than that of a roadside motel at a similar price point.

The camper was beautifully decorated.

A grey couch with two grey pillows, one patterned pillow, and a blue and white zig-zag-patterned blanket. There are decorative signs on the wall and a window with a short curtain.
A lot of attention was put into the camper's decor. Lucien Formichella

I loved how the camper was decorated, both inside and out. After all, I'm a sucker for a trailer with green exteriors.

I also loved that there was a porch on the camper, and I thought the decorative signs and wreath were nice touches.

The bed was very comfortable, and I got a great night's sleep.

A small sitting area inside the RV, that includes a coffee maker, mugs, a TV, decorative signs, a cabinet, and a doorway to a bedroom.
My bed had a memory-foam mattress.Lucien Formichella

When it was time for bed, I knocked out almost immediately on the memory-foam mattress.

The emergency hatch offered a lovely skylight, which practically took up the entire room, and gently woke me up in the morning.

The bunk beds were a little small for my 5-foot-11 friend.

Two bunk beds, with the bottom bunk made-up for sleeping.
My friend wished the bunk beds were bigger. Lucien Formichella

In the morning, my friend reported that the bunk bed was comfortable enough but didn't allow him room to stretch out in the middle of the night.

It probably would have been better for him to sleep on the couch. For a kid, however, the bunk bed would've been a fun place to get some rest.

It was too cold to use the outdoor shower.

An outdoor shower with a white showerhead, green walls, and privacy screens.
I was disappointed that it was too cold to use the outdoor shower. Lucien Formichella

Unfortunately, it was still a little too cold out for us to use the outdoor shower.

After taking a look at it, I was disappointed that I couldn't use it. The shower was boarded off, offering great privacy.

The bathroom was small but usable.

A small bathroom with a sink, medicine cabinet with a mirror, overhead light, shower with three shelves, and a floral shower curtain.
I had to settle for using the indoor shower.Lucien Formichella

The indoor shower had a limited water supply, so we both had to take quick showers. This was one advantage a roadside motel would've had over the trailer — longer showers.

Because we knew what we were signing up for, the amenities were more than acceptable.

Overall, the bathroom was usable but probably would've been uncomfortable for someone with a larger body.

The amenities outside were charming.

A black firepit surrounded by rocks and grass.
The firepit outside was a nice touch.Lucien Formichella

We found a fire pit, grill, and swing outside the RV. The front porch had beautiful string lights and several places to sit.

I wished I'd brought something to grill or gotten there early enough to watch the sunset.

The kitchen was big enough to prepare a meal.

A kitchen with white cabinets, a double sink, a small oven, a microwave, a lemon-patterned curtain over a small window, and cooking utensils.
The kitchen was well-decorated. Lucien Formichella

Unfortunately, the lighter for the gas stove didn't work during our visit, but the kitchen was definitely big enough to prepare food.

Having the grill outside was an added bonus.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a cable TV.

A TV on a catty-cornered shelf. There are coffee mugs hanging from the bottom of the shelf and a coffee pot and water bottles on a cabinet below. There is a door with a wreath to the right.
We didn't expect to find a TV in the camper. Lucien Formichella

We didn't expect to find a cable TV in the trailer, but it was a nice surprise.

The TV was small, but considering the size of the RV, the hosts couldn't have done much more. After all, we weren't there to watch TV anyway.

There was even a cat roaming around the property.

A cat walking around the outside of a green and white RV.
We made a new friend during our stay. Lucien Formichella

I didn't pet the cat (that much) because I wasn't sure who it belonged to, but it added to the experience and made me feel welcome.

The little one followed me around the yard and came right up to the door.

I'd definitely stay in the RV again.

Lucien sitting on the couch in the RV.
I really enjoyed my time in the RV. Lucien Formichella

Though we were only there for one night, I enjoyed my time in the RV and would happily return — ideally with my girlfriend instead of a friend.

The camper is a much better place for a couple or small family than two road-weary guys, and I could see it getting cramped after more than a couple of nights.

Still, there's no comparison between staying here and a roadside motel. The RV was about the same price, it was clean, and it offered the same amenities.

Above all else, I got to feel like a hobbit when I walked out the front door in the morning to enjoy nature.

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