Stay-at-home mother documents all the things she does in a day after partner claims she doesn’t work as hard

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Stay-at-home mother documents day in her life after boyfriend claims she doesn’t work as hard (TikTok / @sierra_not_ciara)
Stay-at-home mother documents day in her life after boyfriend claims she doesn’t work as hard (TikTok / @sierra_not_ciara)

A stay-at-home mother has documented all of the things she does in a day after her boyfriend claimed that she doesn’t “do anything at all while he works” during an argument.

Sierra, a mother-of-two who goes by the username @sierra_not_ciara on TikTok, filmed a day in her life taking care of her and her boyfriend Giuseppe’s two children, Giulianna and Nicolai, in response to the argument, with the video showing her bathing, feeding, and dressing their children, all while constantly cleaning their home.

In the clip, uploaded in May, Sierra began by explaining that Giuseppe claimed she doesn’t do anything while he is at work, with the mother-of-two revealing that, in response, she decided “take a video of all the things that I do”.

In the sped-up TikTok, Sierra filmed herself doing the dishes before feeding her daughter dinner and making her a smoothie with fruits and vegetables so the toddler would eat it.

Sierra then continued cleaning the kitchen before changing her son’s diaper and preparing a bath for her daughter, during which she washed her hair - a task she described as a “battle”.

After the bath, Sierra helped her daughter into her pyjamas, with the mother-of-two noting that the toddler is “super picky about what she wears” and has to be wearing socks.

While taking care of the two children, Sierra also briefly situated them in front of the TV at her daughter’s request, before folding laundry.

“And then it was time to clean up the dining room and my daughter’s dinner area and then it was time to put her to bed,” Sierra continued. “I said goodnight to her and then I tried to clean up the living room but my son needed my attention constantly.”


I just want to feel appreciated... 😞 so many things I didn’t even record. Tik tok I am 22 stop taking this down for drinking .

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According to the video, Sierra then fed herself dinner while standing and holding her son, before noting that the baby went to the bathroom on her.

“So I changed him then changed me,” she said, adding that she was then able to finish her food. After dinner, she bathed her son and got him dressed, before giving him a bottle. “He passed right out so I put him to bed, and then I got right back to cleaning.”

In the video, Sierra can then be seen sweeping and mopping the floor as she tidied the home, before concluding the video explaining that, normally at that point, she would be texting her husband asking what he wanted for dinner, but instead decided to pour herself a drink.

“And I just want to say a big f**k you to all the guys who don’t appreciate their women,” she added.

On the video, which has been viewed more than 12m times, Sierra turned off the comments. However, in two follow-up videos, she revealed that her boyfriend had been subjected to criticism from viewers, with the mother-of-two urging people to stop attacking her partner.

“He’s not a bad person, we had a fight, and he said something that was hurtful and hurt my feelings and made me mad, clearly,” she explained, adding that her boyfriend is “sweet” and a “great dad”.

In the videos, Giuseppe then apologised for his comment, before telling Sierra that he loves her and appreciates everything she does.


Don’t get me wrong I love the fire and you guys defending me. But he is a human and the things being said aren’t okay

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In the comments section of a video shared after the apology, viewers had mixed responses, with some criticising Sierra for defending her boyfriend, while others defended the couple.

“Just because you apologise in baby talk does not mean it’s truthful,” one person commented, while someone else said: “Too bad you won’t take anyone’s advice.”

However, others expressed their support for the TikToker, with many acknowledging that relationships aren’t perfect.

“So happy to see that everything worked out and you got the apology you deserved!” one person wrote, while another asked: “Does no one understand that relationships are not supposed to be perfect? It’s normal to have small arguments. An apology was necessary though.”

Others took the opportunity to thank Sierra for documenting the hard work that goes into being a stay-at-home mother.

“You are a hard worker! Being a mother is harder than any man’s job on earth. Keep up the great work!” one viewer wrote.

Another said: “I just want to say that I hope you do get the appreciation that you deserve. Being a stay-at-home mom is so, so hard.”

While reflecting on the viral response to her videos, Sierra told BuzzFeed that it made her realise she is not alone, and that many other moms have similar experiences.

“I realised I was not alone and many moms experienced very similar feelings about this,” she said, adding: “For people who still think stay-at-home moms have it easy, I would just like to your job do you get thrown up on or screamed at for picking the wrong colour cup? Does your boss poop their pants and expect you to change it? No? I rest my case. It isn’t easy.”

The Independent has contacted Sierra for comment.

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