How to stay healthy over long weekends

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Long weekends and bank holidays are often used as reasons to spend the day drinking in the pub or revelling at a rowdy street party.

But as the celebration of King Charles III's coronation rolls around, you may want to consider avoiding a big blowout and taking care of yourself instead.

Accordingly, nutritionist Sophie Trotman ( has come up with some top tips for staying healthy over the holidays.

Eat breakfast

To begin, Sophie recommends starting your bank holiday with a "nutritionally-balanced meal, containing protein, healthy fats and fibre".

For example, you could whip yourself up an omelette with wholegrain toast.

Avoid sweets

Similarly, the expert suggests being mindful of sweet treats that you may come across at events.

"As delicious as these are, they can be very calorie dense and spike blood sugar levels, leading to low energy and irritability," she noted.

Be mindful of alcohol

It's totally fine to participate in a Champagne toast or enjoy a glass of wine, but it's wise not to overdo it.

"Make a point of never drinking alcohol when you are dehydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it causes dehydration, which is often one of the main causes of hangovers," the nutritionist advised. "Decide in advance how many drinks you will consume at your event. It is easy to get caught up with the festivities and end up drinking far too much."

When picking your drinks, Sophie suggested sticking to a vodka lime soda or gin and slimline tonic.

"Steer clear of calorie-dense, sugary cocktails and opt for lighter drinks," she added.

Consider your mindset

Have a mindset that you absolutely do not have to restrict your diet come Tuesday to 'make up for' the day off.

"Remember that these feelings of restriction are unhelpful since they can lead to greater excess on the weekend," she concluded.