Statistics reveal how likely you are to pass your driving test first time in Taunton

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Have you passed your test? <i>(Image: Google Maps)</i>
Have you passed your test? (Image: Google Maps)

THE statistics for the pass rate for driving tests in Taunton have been revealed.

Throughout the year 2022, a grand total of 2,696 driving tests were conducted in Taunton and its immediate surrounding area.

From these, there were 1,581 passes, meaning that driving test success rate was at 58.7%.

These figures are also broken down into gender catagories. 60.2% of men overall passed their tests, alongside 57.1% of women.

August 2022 was found to be the best month to pass your test, with an overall pass rate of 64.4%.

During this month, 153 out of 224 men passed their driving test, compared to 131 out of 217 of women.

The objectively worst month to pass your driving test was in June 2022.

The overall passed rate for that month has been calculated as 55.9%.

115 out of 212 men successfully passed their practical exam, compared to 125 out of 217 of women.

For those interested, the best place in England to pass your driving test was Alnwick, Northumberland. 74.3% of drivers passed there.

The worst place was Speke in Liverpool where only 27.4% passed.

Based on the data, it would appear Taunton is a fairly good spot to take your driving test, in terms of percentage of passes.