Starfield modders are taking patches into their own hands, and they've identified over 240 issues to fix

 Starfield cockpit.
Starfield cockpit.

Starfield modders are taking patches into their own hands, and they've already found hundreds of issues needing attention.

Bethesda is well known for its glorious open-world games that offer the freedom to explore and experiment. It's also known for its bugs, which can cause their fair share of chaos in said games. For some, these can be entertaining and all part of the experience, while for others, they're frustrating and immersion-breaking. Fortunately for Starfield players who find themselves in the latter camp, there's the Starfield Community Patch, which aims to fix a manner of bugs, errors, and any other issues in Bethesda's space-based RPG.

It's a collaborative effort by modders and the game's wider community, and the project has already identified a whopping 248 issues since Starfield's launch earlier this month. These are all outlined on the SCP website and include fairly standard bugs, such as malfunctioning doors and missing NPCs.

Some, though, are downright bizarre, such as a companion's head going missing after engaging in a bit of stealth action and guards patrolling in their birthday suits. One player also reported an instance where the Adoring Fan would randomly disappear from the crew list, although depending on your feelings for the overly enthusiastic NPC, you might view this as a blessing.

The groundwork for the Starfield Community Patch was laid even before the game's arrival. Back in August, we spoke to members of the mod group as they were gearing up for launch. "The thing to keep in mind is that a Community Patch like this doesn't necessarily exist because the game is bad," the group told us. "There are often small issues that don't really detract from the overall experience but would be considered bugs. Examples include things like objects slightly clipping into walls or a missing texture on the side of an object you almost never see. It's pretty understandable if the good people at Bethesda wouldn't have the time to address every single problem like this."

Bethesda is also hard at work improving the Starfield experience. It's promising "regular" updates that will include a bunch of quality-of-life features that the community has been asking for, like DLSS support, an FOV slider, and an eat button for food.

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