Starbucks' Secret Menu Gummy Bear Refresher Only Uses 3 Ingredients

Starbucks Gummy Bear Refreshers
Starbucks Gummy Bear Refreshers - Starbucks/Facebook

Starbucks' secret menu items receive a lot of attention online, and with the emergence of drinks like the Butterbeer Latte and Iced Caramel Pumpkin Macchiato, it's easy to understand why. These beverages can be complicated to order, but many of them taste so good that they're worth the additional effort. One of the latest Starbucks secret menu items is actually easy to order and it tastes just like candy. Whether you're hanging on to the last days of summer or already preparing for Halloween, the Gummy Bear Refresher is the perfect Starbucks treat. It also comprises just three ingredients, so you'll have no trouble remembering what to ask for.

A new spin on Starbucks' lineup of Refreshers, the Gummy Bear Refresher is a sweet, iced beverage that blends lemonade, raspberry syrup, and strawberry açaí. The final result is a thirst-quenching pink drink that tastes just like gummy bears. There's a reason this secret menu concoction has been making the rounds on TikTok and Instagram, and anyone hoping to join in on the trend should be able to without much hassle.

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How To Order The Gummy Bear Refresher At Starbucks

Starbucks Pink Refreshers
Starbucks Pink Refreshers - melissamn/Shutterstock

If the Gummy Bear Refresher sounds right up your alley, here's how you can order this item from Starbucks' secret menu. You'll want to ask your barista to mix about half a cup of lemonade, two pumps of raspberry syrup, and ice into a shaker. Most baristas will be willing to shake these ingredients for you, but even if they don't, you can ask for a straw or stirrer and mix everything later on. If your barista does shake the lemonade, syrup, and ice, the final step is to top the drink off with strawberry açaí juice. Just make sure to tell your barista about this addition ahead of time. This will ensure that they leave room for the strawberry açaí juice and will make the process smoother on their end.

The Gummy Bear Refresher can be further customized, though online reactions suggest that it's delicious on its own. However, topping this Starbucks beverage with whipped cream or vanilla sweet cream cold foam can play up its dessert elements, something that will appeal to those with a sweet tooth. These additions will also make this secret menu item look as good as it tastes. For those hoping to add to the social media hype surrounding this secret Starbucks drink, a creamy topping will make for an even more impressive TikTok or Instagram post.

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