Starbucks Is Gearing Up For Spooky Season With Its Latest Line Of Reusable Drinkware

 Starbucks reusable hot cups
Starbucks reusable hot cups - Starbucks

Starbucks is well-known for its reusable holiday cups -- with loyal fans of the chain quick to scoop them up. Fortunately, you don't have to wait for the winter holiday season to get your hands on a fun seasonal tumbler, cold cup, hot cup, or mug. The coffee retailer has gone all out with its Halloween-themed reusable cups this year.

So why not ring in the spooky season with a new festive cup for fall? The planet will certainly thank you for using fewer disposable cups. Meanwhile, Starbucks offers 25 Stars to its reward members as well as a $0.10 discount to anyone who brings in one of these reusable cups for a coffee order. The coffee retailer is looking to significantly reduce the number of its single-use cups that go into landfills by 2030 and is offering bigger perks to those with reusable cups in the test markets, which is all the more reason to grab a spooky cup the next time you're there.

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This Year's Line Is Super Colorful

Starbucks pink pumpkin mug
Starbucks pink pumpkin mug - Starbucks

This year's line of Halloween-themed cups features bright colors and plenty of pumpkins. There's the bright pink pumpkin mug that comes in a 16-ounce size as well as the 16-ounce brown pumpkin tumbler. The reusable hot cup six-pack features a collection of colorful pumpkins and ghosts. The drip look is another popular vibe with Starbucks this season, with a 16-ounce multi-color drip cold cup featuring green, pink, and orange. There's also a 24-ounce green drip cold cup.

If you'd prefer some bling or metallic sheen, there are the black bling cold cups which come in both 16 and 24-ounce sizes. And there's even a matching keychain available. There's also the Calavera skull mug that will hold 14 ounces.

Any one of these cups is sure to bring some extra enjoyment to your spooky season while helping eliminate unnecessary waste from the landfill. The coffee giant is on the right track with such offerings, but if it really wants to repair its corporate image Starbucks will have to learn from how badly its union-busting is backfiring.

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