Star Wars toy set to sell for 1,000 times its original value

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Hansons Auctioneers/Cover Images

A Star Wars toy originally sold for 99p at Tesco in the 1980s could make £1,000 at auction on Wednesday.

The Return of the Jedi plastic Yak Face figure, still in its original packaging, is emblazoned with its retail price of £1.59 - but a 99p Tesco price label has been stuck over the top.

The 39-year-old toy, manufactured by Palitoy in 1983, is set to go under the hammer at Hansons Auctioneers with a guide price of £800-£1,000 due to its rarity.

It's part of a major collection of Star Wars figures gathered over the last 20 years by a major fan of the film trilogy. He is auctioning off 37 toys which together could sell for £20,000. But there could have been more.

The 48-year-old collector said: "I remember seeing lots of figures for sale for 10p each in a shop called Crash Bang Wallop in the Swan Shopping Centre in South Yardley, Birmingham, in about 1986, when interest in the films had waned.

"I was still at school and they had a full box of about 50 toys, all rare examples of the last 17 figures. How I wished I had the money at the time. I just bought one and it's still in my played-with collection.

His favourite Star Wars figure, Anakin Skywalker, lot 225, has the biggest auction estimate - £3,000-£5,000.

David Wilson Turner, head of toys at Hansons Auctioneers, said: "Lots 225 and 226 are extremely rare figures you don't often see. In almost 10 years of working at Hansons, selling multiple Star Wars items, these are two figures I have never come across before.

"The Jedi Yak Face with its original 99p price sticker is also fairly rare, hence the guide price. It's amazing to think a Star Wars toy on sale for less than £1 in 1983 is now potentially worth 1000 times its original price tag. Our vendor didn't purchase it for 99p originally but sourced it 20 years ago for £200."

The Star Wars collection will be sold on April 20 in a Toy & Models Auction at Hansons Auctioneers, Etwall, Derbyshire.

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