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Target's exclusive Stanley tumblers come in the most fun colors — and start at just $15 a pop

stanley tumblers in assorted sizes and colors
Tall or short, with sippy lids or straws, there's a Stanley tumbler for everyone on your list — including you! (Target)

Few presents show them you care like the gift of hydration — and when it comes in the form of a fluorescent Stanley tumbler, even better! If you're looking to get some holiday shopping done early, whether it's for a friend or loved one (or a treat-yo-self moment!), Target's rolled out an exclusive assortment of the popular brand's beloved drinking vessels. These bad boys come in some of the coolest colors we've ever seen, from eye-popping pinks to neon greens ... there's even a fun confetti print. Plus, they start at just $15 a pop (you can get a set of two for as little as $30), so there's no shame in stocking up for the whole family.

Psst: Every Stanley tumbler here comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty, so you know they were built to last.

These cuties are perfect for filling with coffee or tea and bringing on your morning walk, as the double-walled insulation will keep bevs hot for up to 90 minutes. (Cold drinks stay cold for five hours, and iced for 20!) Choose from three fun color combos. 

$30 at Target

"I love, love, love these cups," gushed a five-star reviewer. "They are the perfect size, the colors are so pretty. My drinks stayed ice cold all day. I left them in my car on a day that was 85 degrees while I was running my errands, and every time I came back to the car my drinks were as cold as when I first poured them. Totally recommend these! I don't know how I lived so long without them."

Turn that frown upside-down with this cheery confetti-print number, which boasts an impressive 40-ounce capacity. It'll fit in your car's cup holder, thanks to its tapered bottom, and keeps drinks cold for up to 11 hours and iced for — get this — a whopping two days! It comes in eight colors and designs, including a cool tie-dye style. 

$45 at Target

"The Stanley Quencher is kind of a cult item where I live," shared a satisfied sipper. "I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a fashionable woman toting a colorful Quencher recently — at the gym, at kids’ sporting events, at work meetings, even at the grocery store. What used to be a staple item for 'the working man' is now everywhere, and not only does it work like a champ at keeping beverages hot or cold all day long, it comes in so many beautiful colors. ... This tumbler holds a whopping 40 ounces of liquid in a shape that still fits into my standard auto cup holder. It comes with a removable straw, and with a quick twist of the lid, it becomes a standard sip cup. The handle is extremely secure. ... I love everything about this Stanley tumbler, which deserves its fan base. Sign me up for the Quencher Cult!"

This drinkware duo comes in the perfect Goldilocks size — not too big, not too small, just right. It also has a nifty rotating cover that allows you to sip right from the tumbler or through a straw, and it closes completely to help prevent leaking. Your cold drinks will stay cold for up to eight hours, and iced for 30. Choose from three vibrant color/print combos. 

$50 at Target

"I am in love with these Stanley tumblers!" exclaimed a fan. "First, the size is perfect for single-serve drinks ... I like the smaller size, as you’re not left feeling like you’re lugging around a huge cup. They are lightweight, but heavy-duty in that they keep ice cold and the cup doesn’t sweat. The lid and straw are splash-proof but not leakproof. If it’s on its side, it will leak, as you would imagine. I love that these are purchased in a pack of two — it’s a great value! These are trendy but also live up to the hype!"

If it's ultra-lightweight you're going for, this portable wonder is just the ticket — it's 33% lighter than Stanley's standard tumblers! But what it lacks in heft, it makes up for in thermal performance: Drinks stay hot for up to six hours, cold for up to eight and iced for up to 30. Plus, the locking lid helps ensure the liquid inside stays in the bottle and doesn't end up all over you, or your car, or ... you get the idea. Get it in seven colors, including two shimmery shades. 

$30 at Target

"I'm really loving my Stanley," wrote a happy shopper. "The stainless steel build not only looks sleek but also gives me confidence that it's going to last for a long time. The lightweight design is perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle, and the vacuum-tight lid is a game-changer. It truly doesn't leak, and that's a big deal for someone like me who takes it everywhere — from travels to walks and gym sessions. The slim profile of the bottle is a space saver in my bag, backpack or purse. Plus, it does an excellent job of keeping my drinks cold throughout the day, even preserving ice until the next day. If I'm sipping on a warm coffee, it remains pleasantly warm for most of the day. Cleaning is a breeze — I can either wash it by hand or toss it in the dishwasher. This bottle has truly become an essential part of my daily routine."

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