Stacey Solomon welcomes new arrivals to 'crazy family' as she asks fans for help

Stacey Solomon has welcomed two very cute new additions to her ever-expanding family.

The Sort Your Life Out presenter, 34, shares three children with husband Joe Swash - Rex, five, Rose, two, and one year old Belle. Joe also has a son named Harry, 17, from his previous relationship with Emma Sophocleous, and is step-father to Stacey's two older sons, Zachary, 15, and Leighton, 11, from a previous relationship.

Also living at their Essex residence are their two dogs, Teddy and Peanut. But on Friday, 24 May, Stacey revealed to her 5.9million Instagram followers that they had now welcomed two tiny ducklings into the fold.

Sharing clips of their first day with the Solomon-Swash clan, Stacey said: "Welcome To Pickle Cottage [duck emoji] Little Ones. We are so excited to love you & we hope you love living here & being a part of our crazy family. We have no idea what to call our new babies yet, so any suggestions welcome. Honestly wanted to make our garden home to ducklings for so long so thank you @luisazissman from giving us the opportunity to raise your hatchlings."

Stacey is seeking help from fans to name her two pet ducklings
Stacey is seeking help from fans to name her two pet ducklings -Credit:Instagram/Stacey Solomon
Rose looked adorable as she cuddled her new pet duckling
Rose looked adorable as she cuddled her new pet duckling -Credit:Instagram/Stacey Solomon

Fans raced to the comments with suggestions of names for the little ones. One person said: "Donald and Daisy. how cute are they x."

Another commented: "Omg it will soon become Pickle Farm. How about Pickle and Percy."

"Ham and cheese both go perfectly with pickle," suggested a third.

One person added: "Aww so cute. Honey & Lemon."

Another fan shared: "I'm Indian and we had 2 many years ago. Called them Mango and Chutney. They followed me everywhere."

Rex looked smitten with his new pet duckling
Rex looked smitten with his new pet duckling -Credit:Instagram/Stacey Solomon

Earlier in the day, Stacey teased fans as she shared a cryptic message on her Instagram Story, revealing that she and husband Joe had spent time with "some very special little ones."

Stacey posted a beautiful picture of a field near her home while enjoying her morning coffee. She wrote: "Rexy woke up at the crack of dawn super excited", before adding: "me and Joe took him to school and did the other school runs and then went off to meet some very special little ones... which I'll tell you all about tomorrow. But it's something we've talked about and thought about for a long time and finally it all came together. But today is Rexy's day."

The post led fans to believe that the couple's dream of becoming foster parents could soon become a reality.

Both Stacey and Joe have previously expressed their interest in fostering, largely influenced by Joe's mother Kiffy, who is a foster parent herself. Their experience with Joe's foster brother Daniel has given them plenty to think about, leading them to consider fostering as an option for their family.

Joe revealed to The Mirror that he and wife Stacey are considering becoming foster parents. "It would definitely be of interest to both Stacey and I, as we have seen the difference my mum has made to little Daniel's life and the young man he is growing up to be and it truly scares us to think what could've happened if my mum had never met him; and the difference it would've made to his life."